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  1. In my system error log I have this error and many others relating to a filepath cannot be Null for digital downloads

    File: [filemanager.class.php] Line: [893] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_filemanager` (`type`,`filepath`,`filename`,`filesize`,`mimetype`,`md5hash`) VALUES ('1',NULL,'vineyard-walk-may.pdf','330865','application/pdf','46a132b04a123725f712eba39bdd8fe3');" - Column 'filepath' cannot be null


    The symptom is such that the customers digital download gives a 404 error



    Any clues?


  2. I found on the CC extension plugin page a tag for a buyer to login. It looks like this.

    Is there a plugin to use this on our CC sites instead of customers filling in all their data?



  3. Today I found a CC plugin called "Google Adwords tracking". Can anyone shed some light on what this does compared with the above? 

    The only info provided is:

    This is the Google Adwords tracking plugin for CubeCart v5 and v6. It can be used for campaign tracking and remarketing. It is not for publishing adverts.

  4. Hi, I would like to have only one image per product, where as I have two images now. See attached. Is there an admin option to change this? If not I assume some code will need changing in content.product.php. What changes would be required?


  5. I am using 6.0.11 Foundation skin and find that the Latest Products - Text Justification is  set to LH where as I want centred.

    I looked up the content.homepage.php and found at line 28 a </div> which when moved to line 30 fixes this issue.

    line 28  <!--</div>  -->
                   <h3><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name|truncate:38:"&hellip;"}</a></h3>
                   </div> <!-- moved div from line 28 -->


    Does any one else want to see this as a standard issue?


    And if you want test justified on any page, edit the product description in source code with :

    <p class="text-justify"> instead of <p>

  6. Hi Chris, Why dont you add a shipping zone called "Western Isles" with a price that is most favourable to your business. 

    You are correct there is no "we do not ship zone" . I have found that a postcode that I did not enter, by default, goes to the highest price shipping.

    In my case it is $310.

    This may be an option for further upgrades, just like in other shipping options.


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