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  1. Hello, how to have good time in CubeCart 6.0.5. I explain: I edit a product to 1:48 p.m.. but when I save the product, it appears in the column 'last update' 11:48
  2. Hello, I just check the two files that you fix offers. and they are in my files. so I think it does not match the problem.
  3. on my side I add category .. No add subcat.. Yes Meta dafa .. melting metadata ​I change to replace and it did the same thing. i use cc605
  4. Hi, I just noticed an error message when I go into the products. in the product page there are 4 tabs in the tab 'Product List' there is a menu that display categories for faster display of products. when I selected a category, it works perfectly. the category of products is displayed. but when I selected 'All' after choosing a category. I have an error message. when I chose 'All' I what appears What to do?
  5. Thank you it works perfectly this time. big thank you /
  6. Hello, it works better. but in my test. after 19 Articles added, the small basket out of the screen.
  7. Hello, I just test you your code, but it does not. his hands the basket that bug when adding a lot of this Article hide buttons, if I removed your code, the basket is good that displays the first 10 items added.
  8. Good evening, if I understand. for I am no English and I use google translate to communicate with you. the code to the top, will display the latest items bought? instead of the top 10?
  9. Hello, since the update in 6.0.5. display of the small basket displays only the first 10 items purchase by the customer. Is it possible to change for this to be the last items to buy. with an offset upwardly each time the customer purchases an article.
  10. Thank you, it works very well. I'm new in the modification of the skin, and I learn a lot with you.
  11. Hello, I have been as you say. (in the cubecart.default.css file) but this seems not worked. body {background-image:url(../../../images/source/test/font.gif);} background-attachment: fixed;
  12. Hi, I read your post and I managed to make a picture of page, by cons is it possible to make the image does not rise when the elevator down with the page
  13. hello, I have a client who told me about a problem when ordering too many articles. when the pannier than 10 items it out of the screen and the button box become inaccessible. is it possible to change this? See the screen capture. I did the tests and actually I can not pay the order
  14. Hello, I asked granny matter there is a time on a forum. and I found the solution with the plugin Freeshiping. I needed a coupon used to make free shipping from 99 €. with the plugin Freeshiping I managed to do it without having to slip and that it automatically when the customer arrives to 99 €. this is much more convenient than the coupon. so here is my experience can help.
  15. Hello, I use CubeCart 6.0.4 and I have a problem with the mailing function. I to create a newsletter and mailings person when I receive it. I enrolled in the newsletter list. but I do not get anything. by cons when I did the test mailing adress putting my mail I receive well. someone you it had this problem? thank you for any help.
  16. Hello, can I use since CubeCart 6.02. and I have a shop with many customers. but I do not understand how to do a mailing (sending a mail to all clients) at once, as in CubeCart 4.
  17. hello, I want a link to download CubeCart 4.4.7 to check my original files, because when I install my version I have a problem of character and the language page is empty thanks..
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