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  1. Hi Brian, I have checked and the PHPMailer folder is not there so is it just a matter of copying the folder from a clean version of cubecart ver 651 or from a backup of this site or do I have to start from the beginning again. I would have thought the update would have copied this across. Best Regards, Peterp
  2. Hi Brian, I have done these changes and run the order entry again. I have attached the error log Hope this helps Best Regards, Peterp error log champco.pdf
  3. Hi Brian, I reversed all of the modifications that were done and compared it to an unchanged cc651 just to satisfy me that all the changes were successful (and they were) unfortunately when I then tested the site and got to the final checkout selection all I got was a black screen again. I have attached a screen shot of the error log hoping this may help. Hope this helps, Best Regards, Peterp error log after reverse changes.pdf Hi Brian, I just went into the admin and tried to print the order and just got the blank screen again maybe this has something to do with this as well Best Regards, Peterp
  4. Hi Brian, Thanks for your help I have attached a screen shot of the 'Store Overview' which shows version numbers for both the PHP and cubecart. We are using a localhost at this stage as the site is under development and not ready for live implementation. Hope this helps Best Regards, Peterp cubecart and php version.pdf
  5. Hi Brian, I have tried the first fix and this fixed the problem of the tax calculation however when I tried the second fix I noticed that the line numbers were different, however I still applied the fixes. Now what seems to be happening is that when I go to the second secure checkout button press I get a blank screen, I'm not sure whether this changes have caused this or something else has happened. If you could suggest something to get the site to display the order as it was would be great. I have attached the error log if this is any help Hope you can help Best Regards, Peterp errorlog order display.pdf
  6. HI Brian, I will give them a try tomorrow but it looks like the first one might fix my problem. Thanks again for you fast response. Best Regards, Peterp
  7. Hi All, I may not have setup a product correctly to achieve my requirement. The requirement is that this product comes in with different options of size and color and some sizes are priced differently than others. So I set up the product with a unit price of $11.30 including 10% GST and for 3 special sizes I set the price to be $12.60 including 10% GST and ticked the absolute box for these 3 special sizes. Unfortunately the unit price on the order doesn't reflect the correct price for the 3 special sizes but is OK for the the other sizes. So have I missed something within the setup of these special sizes and I shouldn't or should be setting up. All items in the inventory have a standard tax of 10% and this will include any special prices will have a 10% tax as well. Hope somebody can point me in the right direct to resolve this issue. I have attached a couple of screen shots that maybe helpful as to how I have setup the product. Thanks for your help very much appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp product price options.pdf champco order unit prices.pdf
  8. Hi Brian, I have solved the problem of the product options not appearing correctly. The answer was that the print order form gateway needed to be updated so by downloading the extension 'Print Order Form' It work correctly. I have also checked the rest of the site and all of the programs have a created date of 15--5-2023 except for the programs I have been modifying. I also run a comparison utility comparing my site with a clean cubecart site downloaded from the cubecart web page and all compared equal once again except for the programs I have been modifying. All is well and once again thanks for your support and help always very much appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  9. Hi Brian, I have just checked the files that are outlined in the GitHub link that you sent and they are all correct I didn't need to change anything,however when I run through the ordering process and get to the point where the order can be printed then it seems the options are not being shown instead a garbage line is shown. When the order is displayed during the checkout process the options are displaying correctly it seems just when it finally displayed and then printed that the issue occurs. Any help will be appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  10. Hi Brian, Thanks for the information but now I'm a bit worried as to how the upgrade went and even though it said it was successful it may not have done everything, is there any way of checking whether other files/programs have been upgraded correctly Best Regards, Peterp
  11. Hi Brian, I have updated and checked the options programs as per the GitHub that you sent me earlier , however the issue I'm having now is that the options are not printing or displaying on the finial order instead there is just junk where they options should be ( see attachment). Can you please help me with this issue it would be very appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  12. Hi Brian, Yes I was having issues with this plugin but they were resolved and I have checked that I'm not having the same issue. the plugin is the 'Enhanced Manufacturers'. With a bit of fiddling around I have been able to get the system to display a 'No Image' available and when you click on it it goes to the manufacturers website, however I have also been able to get the 'No Image' image come up and when you click on it it shows the products for that manufacturer. What I'm trying to achieve is when the tab 'Shop By Brand' is clicked then all the manufacturers logos are displayed, if the user then clicks on any one of the logo's the system will take the user to the that manufacturers website and when they 'x' out of the manufacturers site it comes back to the original website. Also the 'Shop By Band' tab will also display the individual manufacturers that can be selected in isolation and this would display all of the selected manufacturers products within this websites database that is held by them. The annoying thing about all of this is that the plugin was working correctly and then after installing a shipping plugin it has decided not to work maybe coincidence ( grabbing of straws) . Hope this helps Best Regards, Peterp
  13. Hi Brian, I have just noticed that when I now run the website my shop by brand doesn't work correctly. What is doing is instead of showing manufacturers logo's and making them clickable so that they go to the manufacturers website there is no image shown and when the no image box is clicked it goes to the category. This all seems confusing and I'm not sure whether I have explained it well sorry. I have included the error log which seems a bit strange to me but I have no idea. Hope you can help me all was going fine until this happened. Best Regards, Peterp shopbybrand errorlog.pdf
  14. Hi Brian, That's a very good question unfortunately I cannot be sure as I was not in on the original installation and whatever happen before me. Is there anyway of telling whether the upgrade was completely successful or not otherwise I will have to deal with the issues as they occur Best Regards, Peterp
  15. Hi Brian, I have applied all of the changes that are suggested in the link that you provided and they all work so once again thankyou for your help Best Regards, Peterp
  16. Hi All If it is of any help the error log displayed this message I have no idea what this means: [<strong>Exception</strong>] C:xampphtdocschampcoclothingtestnewadmin_ElnMlNsourcesproducts.options.inc.php:269 - Call to undefined method Catalogue::getDefaultOptions() https://localhost/champcoclothingtestnew/admin_ZlX9zy.php?_g=products&node=options Hope it is helpful Best Regards, Peterp
  17. Hi All, I have just upgraded a cubecart site to the latest version and now when I try to go to the 'product options' selection in admin all I get is a blank screen. The previous version that I upgrade from was ver 6.0.12 and it worked. Has anybody else had this issue or have I failed to setup something in the latest version. Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  18. Hi Brian, I have just tried the free version of the shipping by category and input a product 1 that had a category which would attract a different charge from product 2 which is in a default category and found that the final shipping charge was the charge as selected for the whole order, there was no option to select what shipping charge goes with what product. So have I failed to setup something that will allow the shipping charges to be product/category specific. Sorry for the confusion, Best Regards, Peterp
  19. hi Brian, Thanks for this solution and it does work just as you suggested unfortunately the the order could have products on it that are shipped with a standard shipping company. For example product 1 and product 2 are shipped using the by category method but product 3 is using a default shipping company as is product 4. What I think I need to do is to have the order total the different shipping charges and just display the total in the final order. Can we make this solution do this or is this beyond it's capabilities and if so do you have any other suggestions. Thankyou very much for you help and advice. Best Regards, Peterp
  20. Hi Brian, I have tried the method shipping-methods category the first suggestion unfortunately it does calculate the shipping value for the manufacturer. I checked an double checked the setup and all seems correct. What happens is that the order sees the fact there is a category/manufacturer shipping setup as it displays the shipping name but the value is set to zero whereas the setup has it setup to have a valid value. I must be missing something Hope you can help otherwise I will have to try the second option. Best Regards, Peterp
  21. Hi All, I have a client who has multiple manufacturers and when his customers order products he would like the system to calculate the shipping costs based on a manufacturers shipping charges by line item on their order and then accumulate into one shipping charge. We are currently using the Australia Post extension for the shipping that he does from his premises. I guess this is like a drop shipment process does anybody know whether this has been done and if so please could you direct me to where I can use it. Best Regards, Peterp
  22. Hi Brian, You won't believe this, but I have just received a call from Go Daddy and they have informed me that the server this site has been transferred to is not suitable for any eCommerce application. They have also suggested that we move it to another server which is better suited and to use a different eCommerce application (woo commerce was suggested). They also commented that cubecart was not necessary a good eCommerce application which I disagreed with, they are going to send me a outline as to what we should do with this site however it is a complete mess at their end and they want to rebuild it how much anybodies guess and I don't know why I should pay for something which isn't our fault (watch this space). We might consider transferring this site to a different hosting company which I think might e on the cards. Anyway thanks enormously for you help but it's not cubecart Best Regards, Peterp
  23. Hi Brian, If I upgraded this site to the latest version of cubecart would this fix the problem or would it still be there no matter what version Regards, Peterp
  24. Hi Brian, Did your suggested edits and checked for any unusual hooks or code changes. One thing I have just noticed is that when this site was first started then changes were made to allow for the Australian ABN code be entered during store setup this seems to have disappeared which has lead me to wonder whether Go Daddy during their transfer process has transferred wrong programs somehow. Best Regards, Peterp
  25. HI Brian, I have made the modifications as suggested also the cubecart version is as below CubeCart Version 6.0.12 PHP Version 7.4.33 Best Regards, Peterp
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