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  1. I'm not sure what we're using - how do I find out?
  2. I'm using the Blueprint skin as standard, no mods.
  3. Just thought I'd set up a Global percentage discount for today of 25% across the whole store. However when i do so, all "popular products" in the left hand column are displaying as "£0.00". Is this some sort of bug? www.nucleusfilms.com
  4. I've just been told Express Epos have one that is compatible, but we will need to purchase the web API - can anybody please explain what this means?
  5. Is there anything out there that can be used in store that will synch with Cubecart? If not, what would be the best option? It's for a fabric store based in London.
  6. Since the upgrade I'm seeing blank pages on all our products. Can anybody please help? http://www.nucleusfilms.com/
  7. Why do spambots etc constantly add themselves as customers? What do they achieve by doing this? Are they looking for security holes etc?
  8. Thank you - this seems to have done the trick!
  9. This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine: Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright © 1998-2014 Zend Technologies and elsewhere: Zend Extension 220100525 Zend Extension Build API220100525,NTS Zend Signal Handling disabled Zend Memory Manager enabled Zend Multibyte Support provided by mbstring No mention of ionCube Loader
  10. I do still have a setup folder but not sure what do with it? It says I need IonCube. Can I just go ahead and ignore that? setup/index.php
  11. Hi Ian, I did try to install ionCube myself following 1&1's instructions but for some reason it doesn't seem to be working. global.inc.php = $glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube'; Here's what I see in admin:
  12. I'm trying to do the new upgrade but the Compatibility Check tells me I need the "IonCube PHP Loader". I'm sure it was already installed last time, so what could have happened? My crappy hosting company (1&1) don't seem to want to help. Any suggestions?
  13. Can I add extra product pages without a Cubecart buy button etc?
  14. I need to add extra product pages somehow so I can embed the VIMEO video.
  15. Is this possible? The payment will be made to Vimeo, not us. Not entirely sure how to set this up. https://vimeo.com/creatorservices/ondemand
  16. I've looked at the main.php template and i don't see anything that resembles the above.
  17. Thanks Ian - how do I add another link to the far left which will take you to the WP homepage?
  18. Thanks for your help. If I upgrade the store will I lose the changed code? I was kind of hoping there was an easier way without having to change the templates.
  19. Is it possible to change the "homepage" link to "Store Homepage" and add another "homepage" link that takes users back to the Wordpress front end? http://www.academytextiles.com Thanks,
  20. Is it possible to encourage users to register and get thus a 10% discount on all purchases?
  21. What exactly are these settings for?
  22. I think this would be a very useful addition to the next upgrade.
  23. You can list them but not in order of if they are there or not :-(
  24. This would make adding missing product images to the store a lot easier.
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