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  1. Hi all, still in need of a "Pre-Order" button/option. Can anybody please help? It would need to enable an order before the stock has arrived, just like amazon: example: http://www.amazon.com/Steel-Blu-ray-UltraViolet-Combo-Pack/dp/B008JFUPK8
  2. That's why I'm confused - the emails look fine in admin, but when sent are messed up with code.
  3. I can't see what's causing the problem. I'm doing the formatting in plain text and HTML. They both look perfect in the text editors, and when previewed. How do I preview the modified plain text template?
  4. Not sure what's gone wrong but I'm now getting formatting code displaying in the emailed invoice.
  5. I think I've fixed the problem. However, I didn't see where the invoice company logo is set in emails?
  6. I've changed orders.print.php, but invoice emails are still being sent with the original layout. Any suggestions?
  7. The problem is we've changed the categories and what's in them, so I don't think it's going to be worthwhile.
  8. Done. Sitemap: /sitemap.xml This Sitemap was submitted Aug 8, 2013, and processed Aug 8, 2013. 430 URLs submitted
  9. I have searched but couldn't find anything definitive. Is it worth doing this? How long will google take to re-index the new site, and is there a simple way to get this done quicker? OK, I think I need to submit a site map but all I can see on the server is: sitemap.xml.gz Can I submit this?
  10. Thanks - is there anywhere I can find instructions on how to do this?
  11. How do we redirect potential customers from google's old links to our new links?
  12. Thanks for the information. How do I set the permissions for admins? If I check any of these Read Edit Delete boxes does it add or remove permissions?
  13. OK, We will consider how to get it set up and try it out.
  14. The one in Cubecart's Store Settings -> Advanced -> Email- underneath where you enter your CC Software Licence Key etc. Also, how is the email address entered for Administrators used?
  15. I'm trying to set this up but for some reason it is only appearing on some (not all) product pages. How does this compare with allowing customer comments in Store Settings -> Features -> Reviews? Is it more secure?
  16. Can somebody help me to figure out what the email address entered here is applied to or used for?
  17. Is there a way to preview the invoice in my browser so I can see how it looks?
  18. If we could just get shipping to default to First Class that would be a good start.
  19. I've set a new image header (Store Settings -> Logos -> Invoices) but for some reason customers are receiving invoices with the default "Your Logo" header image.
  20. We are using the "By Weight" option. This means all items sent 1st Class are sent via Royal Mail 1st Class (UK) or Airmail( outside UK) and 2nd Class is 2nd Class UK and Surface Mail (outside the UK).<br /><br />However, we also use iPostParcels for larger shipments and we can find no way on including this as an option.<br /><br />Can this be combined with the "All In One Shipping" option? Would that help?
  21. Can anybody please help with this? Sorting shipping by the cheapest first is causing problems as customers are automatically using the cheapest which is surface mail with takes a month or longer to arrive. I did what was suggested above but it didn't sort First Class/Airmail as the main shipping option, which is what we need by default.
  22. VAT Numer Telephone Number email address These are all essential items for displaying on all invoices yet they are not appearing on customer invoices. Can anyone help to resolve this? http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/managing/charging/vat-invoices.htm
  23. Still "That product couldn't be found". Not impressed...
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