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  1. Sadly I have no idea what they mean, or how to address them.
  2. Looks like I'll have to pay for a support package
  3. I've tried this and again, same error. I just re-checked the php error log and I'm now seeing these warnings:
  4. I can confirm that all those files are as you've quoted above. And I'm still unable to login due to the same error.
  5. I re-named the errors log, and the system just created a new file with the same error as above. No other sites at this domain. The error only begain after the last upgrade. I am completely unable to access my control panel whilst this error persists.
  6. admin: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:46 I already tried deleting all the cache files, it still gives the same error. Also cleared browser cache. Not sure how to clear the error log.
  7. Don't think I've ever used https:// When I do, I get "Unable to connect"
  8. In php-errors.log: [21-Jun-2017 15:23:17 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in htdocs/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 150
  9. All checked - I really can't work out why it's doing this.
  10. I always do manual upgrades. I have admin_XXX.php and an admin folder. I just checked the includes/global.inc.php file andchanged the name of admin to admin_XXX, as per the file. It now works fine, thank you Strange that the upgrade didn't do this? I spoke too soon! I now get : Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used. when attempting to login.
  11. I recently upgraded to 6.1.8 and now admin won't load.
  12. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?
  13. If I switch it off, I'll probably be swamped with spam again. I'll give it a try.
  14. Strange, I can see my signature lists all those details - can nobody but me see it?
  15. it shows: Input error: k: Format of site key was invalid How do I fix this? The re-capcha isn't displaying.
  16. Thanks, I'll check some of them out. Pity there seems to be no way of trialling any of them for a short period before buying them though.
  17. I switched email sending to php and it's working. Strange.
  18. It was running fine until the last update. I'd be happy to use Foundation if I had the time to make the changes needed for it to look more like Blueprint, but I wouldn't know where to begin.
  19. The response was that the server doesn't allow testing of emails. Still on Blueprint. I had no idea there was any problems with this?
  20. Upgraded site no longer sending email confirmation to site admins. Email Log says emails not sent. Any suggestions? Just upgraded to Cubecart 6.1.7
  21. I did a manual upgrade, all is now fine.
  22. I haven't modified catalogue.class.php. I just tried to update via admin, but it said I was already running the latest version - which I'm not. Strange.
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