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  1. Once again, thanks so much bsmither. Now fixed.
  2. I've noticed that the main product images are overlapping the description. I'm sure it was OK a while ago - any suggestions? Here's an example
  3. New admin folder uploaded - but additional images are still displaying in two different browers.
  4. I was a premium meber, but cancelled it. If I upload the whole admin folder, do I keep the unique admin folder name it has been assigned?
  5. Mine looks different. if($("#val_cat_id").length) { cat_id = $("div#val_cat_id").text(); d.unique = true; } a.getJSON(d.script, { _g: "xml", type: "files", q: "list", dir: g, group: d.group, product_id: product_id, cat_id: cat_id }, function(j) { a(h).find(".start").html(""); var i = document.createElement("ul"); a(i).addClass("filetree");
  6. Thanks for finding this - what should I do next?
  7. I've looked in phpMyAdmin for the last product I duplicated and there are three items with the same product ID number (51). Only one of these has "main_image" = 1 When I click on this item, I see: id int(10) unsigned / Value 177 product_id int(10) unsigned / Value 51 file_id int(10) unsigned / Value 73 main_img = 1 I'm not sure how to view the image path?
  8. Those unwanted images are definitely not checked. It's very strange.
  9. I didn't realise I could clone without including the images. But surely there there must be a way to remove them?
  10. Any suggestions? Perhaps it's a bug with the Blueprint theme?
  11. Any suggestions as to how I can remove these extra unwanted images? Thanks.
  12. I've already checked - nothing in sub folders is linked.
  13. If I duplcate a product, then complete the new product's info, I'm left with the original product image, even though it's not linked in the image settings. I've tried clearing the cache and image cache, but the "included" images are still displaying. Any suggestions? ps: I've just upgraded to 6.1.13. How do I edit my signature?
  14. Is there a plugin that enables a strip of social media icons/links in the header area or top side bar of home page? Thanks
  15. Error message: Resource Limit Is Reached The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later. https://www.cubecart.com/thank-you/CubeCart-6.1.12.zip
  16. Sadly I have no idea what they mean, or how to address them.
  17. Looks like I'll have to pay for a support package
  18. I've tried this and again, same error. I just re-checked the php error log and I'm now seeing these warnings:
  19. I can confirm that all those files are as you've quoted above. And I'm still unable to login due to the same error.
  20. I re-named the errors log, and the system just created a new file with the same error as above. No other sites at this domain. The error only begain after the last upgrade. I am completely unable to access my control panel whilst this error persists.
  21. admin: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:46 I already tried deleting all the cache files, it still gives the same error. Also cleared browser cache. Not sure how to clear the error log.
  22. Don't think I've ever used https:// When I do, I get "Unable to connect"
  23. In php-errors.log: [21-Jun-2017 15:23:17 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in htdocs/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 150
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