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  1. If I try and view an out of stock product page when logged into admin I can view it OK and it says Product out of stock. If I try to view the same page when logged out of admin I get a

    404 - Page Not Found

    error. So if this is happening by default for everyone then having out of stock links in the sitemap might not be a good idea.

  2. 2 hours ago, Lemontree said:

    3.  Lastly, on the first document (Welcome page), there's a image slider; my images are not as wide as the demo images.  Is there to center them?  I center them on the document, but when CC display them, they left justify.


    In the file css/jquery.bxslider.css towards the top of the document remove the  display: block;  line from

    .bx-wrapper img {
      max-width: 100%;
      display: block;

    so it becomes

    .bx-wrapper img {
      max-width: 100%;

    add the line text-align: center; to

    ul.bxslider {
      list-style: none;

    so it becomes

    ul.bxslider {
      list-style: none;
    text-align: center;


  3. Your hosting provider should back up your files usually on a 24 hour basis so there should always be a recent copy available. I would check with them to find out what they do. If you installed Cubecart through cPanel and Installatron then you can set it to automatically create backups of your store files at set times.

  4. You might be able to use the all in one shipping plug in. With this you can offer free shipping all of the time or free shipping on orders over a certain value with no coupon required. Depending on when you want to offer the free shipping it may do what you require. You could then advertise the free shipping rather than the coupon.

  5. I've just added all the products to the basket on what I assume is your website and it totals up correctly before I proceed through checkout. The total on yours is £11.00 difference and the only product on the order that is £11.00 has an option setting on it so that might be where to start looking first. Maybe check that you have the option set up correctly for that product.

    In admin check to see if the totals in the order can be recalculated. I have seen this sometimes where the total is incorrect but can be corrected by updating the order in admin.

    Will also be helpful if you can specify which version of Cubecart you are using when you post back as it will help someone who knows more about these things than me.

  6. A couple of things you could consider. One is to sign up to mailchimp and integrate one of their forms into your homepage the other is to add your own form to collect the data but this would require manually inputting the information into your cubecart database.

  7. In skins/foundation/templates/box.documents.php
    change <h3>{$LANG.common.information}</h3> to <h3>New Title</h3> when New Title is the text you require.

    In skins/foundation/templates/element.social.php
    change <h3>{$LANG.common.follow_us}</h3> to <h3>New Title</h3> when New Title is the text you require.

    In skins/foundation/templates/box.newsletter.php
    change <h3>{$LANG.newsletter.mailing_list}</h3> to <h3>New Title</h3> when New Title is the text you require.

    These changes are skin specific so if you have changed the name of your skin then the files will be in your skin folder.  It is possible to edit core files to make the changes to all skins if required. Repost if you need that.

  8. When in admin editing a product the browser hangs for a few seconds and I get a script error. The store has about 8000 products. I've tried lading Firefox in safe mode but get the same error message. Hangs in other browsers as well. Anyone having the same problem or know a fix?

    I've seen this post but not sure if related or is still relevant.



  9. in skins/foundation/templates/main.php

    below {include file='templates/box.eu_cookie.php'} add

    <div class="headcolor">

    change <div class="small-12 columns">{include file='templates/box.search.php'}</div>
    to <div class="small-12 columns">{include file='templates/box.search.php'}</div></div>

    In skins/foundation/css/foundation.css

    add to bottom of page

    {background-color:  #dec595;

    Change  #dec595 to desired color.

  10. If you are wanting to provide bank details to your buyer at checkout then go to extensions marketplace https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/print-order-form and install print order form plugin. Once installed go into settings and there is a section in there to add your bank details. Make sure you save changes and also put a tick in the status box next to plugin name to switch it on. 

    Not sure if this is the solution you are looking for if not repost with more details.

  11. I think the Pending orders are created when someone presses the back button after going through checkout. When they next proceed to checkout a new order is created. This was added to stop the customer getting out of stock warnings when they pressed the back button. A more elegant solution is required as not ideal having Pending orders every time. Happens to us quite often.

  12. Don't know of a way to do this within Cubecart. We have to bill customers quite often for additional shipping charges. We just adjust their invoice in admin and send them a PayPal invoice for the additional payment or request customer to make an additional bank transfer. Not had an issue doing it this way. We do make it clear on the website what the procedure is when excess delivery charges need to be collected.

  13. If you want total control of the title, description and keyword tags go to Store Settings > Search Engines tab. Delete the contents of the top three text boxes and set Meta Data Behaviour to Replace global meta data. You will have to then make sure that each page, products and category have their own Search Engine settings.

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