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  1. I had to do something similar to this a while ago. I took the easy way out and created three images for the products that looked the same as the featured products (you can screen print them if you can get them to appear) and I then added an image slider to replace the featured products box.
  2. If you already have a PayPal account until you sort out which method to use maybe Paypal Standard will work? You would need to make it clear at checkout that they don't need a PapPal account to pay and that credit card payments can be made with PayPal.
  3. In the help it states Linked Account: Allows your admin account to be linked to an account on the front end. To add an account, just type in the name and the auto-search will list applicable account names. Why I do not know.
  4. Maybe setting up a group might allow you to handle this. Only customers in say the "approved" group would be able to see the prices for that group.
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