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  1. All in one shipping

    I was thinking that myself but the only problem there is that we sell kids costumes too which are VAT exempt. I might do that for the time being until I can figure out something else 8-)
  2. All in one shipping

    Its ticked. I've attached screenshot.
  3. All in one shipping

    No joy. The box was ticked and when I changed the tax option to inherit it just deducts the tax from the shipping charge
  4. All in one shipping

    Hi guys I recently updated the shipping plugin and the free shipping isn't working properly. When a costumer was buying over 50 euros its set to give them free shipping. Whats happening now is that its basing it on the totals excluding the VAT so the customers aren't receiving the free shipping. Is there a way to set it to read the totals including the Vat so that this doesn't happen?
  5. Got a friend to take a look at it. Whatever way it was reading java script it was causing it to go around in a loop
  6. I tried restoring both database backup and files backup but no joy. If I delete the the contents of system folder before tranfering the backup files might that work?
  7. It could be as I tried installing a products addons and it wouldn't load. What can I do to correct it? I created a backup before installing it. If I upload the backup files into the folder should it correct it?
  8. I created the log error_log
  9. Hi guys. Just upgraded to 6.1.10 and got blank screen so I added the patch for 6.1.10 and am still getting blank screen. Any thoughts?
  10. Sharing Inventory

    Cheers guys. I'll check with noodle and see if he has something. What I had in mind was something like google Base that you can set it to update at a certain time of day or else something I can do manually. Thanks for pointing out the Google duplicate issue. To avoid this I could change the meta description and title on the products on the new site but set the transfer thing to only update name and stock level so that the 2 websites will be different
  11. Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions. I have set up a new site to focus primarily on one group of products that I also sell on my main site. I want to import only these categories and products to the new site. What is best way to do this? Also I want to create a shared inventory between the two. For example if a product is sold from one site it deducts from other. Any thoughts? 8-)
  12. [Resolved] Upgrade Issue

    Don't know why it it changed it but anyway thanks for the advice. Did manual upgrade to latest version and all is well. Peace and order has been restored 8-)
  13. [Resolved] Upgrade Issue

    Hiya. I put the https in front and it worked. 8-)
  14. [Resolved] Upgrade Issue

    Hi Rosemary, I have an Admin folder and Admin folder with random characters. Niall Hi Rosemary I have the Admin Folder and Admin folder with random characters and I have admin php files and admin php with characters too. I don't know if it means anything but the characters on the admin folder are different from the admin php files. I was on version 6.1.6 and was upgrading to 6.1.7 If I upload the new version manually via FTP, should that correct the problem? Niall
  15. Hi guys I clicked on the upgrade to the newer version of cubecart and got a message to upgrade manually using FTP so I figured I do it later. But since then I haven't been able to login to the website. I keep getting the attached error message. Might it have created a new login URL and if so how do i access it?