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  1. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    Hi the whitescreen is back on desktop version but site is still working on mobile version. There was no upgrade this time. It just stopped. I've attached the error log
  2. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    No blank screens. I had all the files of the site backed up so I re-uploaded them and it seems to have fixed it. I then made the changes you suggested. So far so good. I'll check the cc614 and cc615 in morning. 😀
  3. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    Thanks for all the help guys. Just ran the error file again. Still have 2 left. I've attached the file 8-)
  4. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    Done that, thanks Havenswift. Bmithers the debuging is already disabled 8-)
  5. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    Havenswift when you say "admin.php from the zip should be uploaded over admin_XXXXXX.php" Do you mean have both or delete admin_xxxxx.php and use admin.php Also where do you disable cubecart debug mode? Yes they're in the top level directory
  6. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    Cheers guys I deleted them thanks for the advice. There's seems to be a load of cache files. Can these be deleted too?
  7. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    should i just delete the other admin folders and just keep the main "admin Folder" and also delete the admin php's that are old admins?
  8. Whitescreen on desktop version of site

    Cheers for the prompt reply. You must never sleep 8-) I've tried to attach the error log its saying its too big It's not working on the desktop and when i reduce screen size it still doesn't show. But when i access it on my mobile it works. I figured out how to compress it
  9. Hi I cleared the cache and image cache and now I'm getting a blank screen on the desktop version of site. The mobile version is still working though. I tried upgrading to version 6.13, but still no joy. I tryed checking the error log but it keeps showing a spinning circle and not allowing me to access "admin error log" or "system error log" The "system error log" is showing that there's a number of errors but as I said I can't access it
  10. Add to basket button

    Thanks a million. Sorry only seeing your reply now. I'll make these changes. Happy new year 8-)
  11. Add to basket button

    Merry Christmas peeps. Any thoughts on a solution for this. When you click add to basket button on mobile version of my site its not very obvious that the item has been added. It's appears as a small little icon but on a smart phone when you click add to basket, you can't see that's been added unless you scroll back up which you wouldn't think of doing. Any thoughts on a solution for this? Is there a way to make it more apparent that the item has been added to the basket? Or as a last resort to maybe even to bring them to the checkout page when they click add to basket? The website is if you want to see for yourself what I mean Cheers
  12. All in one shipping

    I was thinking that myself but the only problem there is that we sell kids costumes too which are VAT exempt. I might do that for the time being until I can figure out something else 8-)
  13. All in one shipping

    Its ticked. I've attached screenshot.