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  1. Fraud Labs Pro Advice

    Hey all, Just been looking at the Fraud Labs Pro extension and wondered if anyone has experience of this? Does it lag anything? Add anything extra to the checkout systems? Does it have any zone restrictions etc? I can't see any comments or recommendations on the information page so i'm a bit blind with it. Thanks
  2. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    I am trying to attach a screenshot to show you exactly what i mean but i keep getting error -200 is there any other way to attach?
  3. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    Im not sure what you mean? I have setup the options with prices for different sizes. But if the product shows no price in search results and when you click buy now it adds a £0.00 priced product to the basket. Its almost like there should be something that stops the price from showing until the product is open Do i set the primary price at the lowest price bolt? Is that the idea? Or do i set a primary price then add an amount onto the next sizes to make up the correct price? Im very confused!
  4. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    Hi there, I have just been using the product options, the results are a little strange and quite confusing for my customers. Example: I have set up a product which is a bolt. The bolt comes in about 20 sizes. So i have used product options and created one called "bolt size". Then i create my bolt product and proceed to add the bolt sizes in a drop down menu. The problem comes when you view the item on the website, there is no primary price until you open the product. If the customer clicks buy now from the front screen it just adds a product description at a price of £0.00 to the basket? Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thank You