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  1. Why is it there if its advised not to use it? I wouldn't be sure on how to manually do the upgrade and i have used the built in one many times before so yes it worked last time. So what would be the solution here? I can attempt to do the manual way if that's what is required but is it going to wipe the site? Thanks.
  2. I updated using the in-software update notification, it didn't actually do anything though other than ask me if i wanted to upgrade or clean install, when i clicked upgrade and next it just refreshed the install screen then did nothing else. So i went to log into the control panel and nothing. The update was from whichever was the last version as i updated it not too long ago too. Yes the website is still in operation and working just nothing on the admin side, i'm not aware of a backup and don't know how i would perform one if i cant login? Although if everything else is working
  3. Just had a look, i only have one admin folder in the directory for the install and one admin php file, although the admin php file name is different to the folder Also as far as versions go this is all i have http://fixingsfactory.co.uk/info.php Not sure on anything from there
  4. Hey all, i went to run the upgrade to the latest cubecart, got to the screen where it asks if you want to upgrade or full installation, chose upgrade and clicked next. It did nothing when i clicked next so i went back to login to admin, now it does nothing when i try login other than refresh the login screen so currently no admin access on any of the admin logins... Whats happened? Thanks
  5. Hi all, can anyone tell me how to change the word "basket" to "pallet" Thanks
  6. Hey all, i'm kinda getting there with the site now, does anyone know how to remove "register" from the pages and just leave "login" there? The site is going to be accounts created by admin only so i don't want the world creating accounts. Thanks, Ade.
  7. Ah-ha! How silly do i look!! Ok thanks, where do i get your b2b plugin to try from noodleman? Thank You
  8. Yes that's what i have, only happens when you type the domain without the index.php on the end, not something i have seen happen before http://www.portal.deltaleigh.co.uk Does it do it if you click it too?
  9. String enabled, it's now loading. Thanks Noodleman! Still got a 404 on the main page though and its automatically adding the word "setup" between the domain and the index.php Only get the 404 when it adds the "setup" word into the url. SO its like domain.co.uk/setup/index.php, BUT only if you type just the domain. If you type out the domain with index.php on the end it it loads normal. Which is odd? Any idea what that's about? Thanks Ade. Only have the "setup" problem and to get rid sliders on the home page to figure and i'm ready to load it up and
  10. I shall be rather impressed if this fixes it, i have requested this to be done from the hosting tech support i will update you shortly. Thank You. Ade.
  11. After long winded conversations with the hosts tech support neither of us have been able to sort it, i even went to the extent of creating a new domain and installing at the root and still get the same error, CURL is enabled too. http://portal.deltaleigh.co.uk/info.php This shows the full info for the server if anyone can make head or tail of it? Thanks, Ade. And this is the error log: [31-Oct-2018 15:04:20 Europe/London] PHP Warning: unlink(/home/delta/portal.deltaleigh.co.uk/setup) [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.unlink.php'>function.unli
  12. Could the problem be the install being in a folder rather than at root?
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