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  1. Is this any help? https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51262-link-to-static-page-fails/#comment-217644
  2. I think that code just sets the button to active, dont think it makes the layout change. I tried changing that last night myself and it didn't change the layout at all. Below that there appears to be two blocks of code one for the list view and one for the grid view. I think these might be the other way around in the Galaxy skin (hard to tell not having a copy). Maybe using the code from an appropriate foundation skin might be worth trying. The foundation skin on the cubecart demo defaults to list view whereas the Galaxy demo defaults to grid view.
  3. Try backing up the content.category file and copy in the file from the foundation skin.
  4. Mine does seem to default to list view. If you do a file compare on your skins/skinname/content.category.php file with the one in the foundation skin then you might get an idea of what you need to edit. Alternatively you could back up your original file and copy the one from foundation to see if that works.
  5. In the help it states Linked Account: Allows your admin account to be linked to an account on the front end. To add an account, just type in the name and the auto-search will list applicable account names. Why I do not know.
  6. Maybe setting up a group might allow you to handle this. Only customers in say the "approved" group would be able to see the prices for that group.
  7. Various ways to do this but you can try <img style="float: right;" src="https://www.aromaworx.com/_images/paypal.jpg" />
  8. Never use it for that reason. You can get one at http://www.web-site-map.com/ for active links. Using either method for a sitemap on an ecommerce website is not idea because there will be some products that will come back into stock that you might want to keep in the index.
  9. Loaded no problem when I tried on a tablet and a mobile phone.
  10. This should work in the meantime if anyone wants to give it a try. If you want a global sale but leave already discounted items as they are just run the following queries (No need to put store into global sale mode but set to Per-Product and assumes a 10% discount is required but this can be changed by altering the SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.9 section) ALTER TABLE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` ADD `sale_price2` decimal(16,2) DEFAULT '0.00' COMMENT 'Sale Price2'; UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price2` = `sale_price`; UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.9 WHERE `sale_price` = 0; RUN AFTER END OF SALE to reset UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `sale_price2`; ALTER TABLE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` DROP `sale_price2`; Best tried on a backup to test first.
  11. Did you ever resolve this?
  12. Try adding YOUR REQUIRED TEXT as follows in skins/yourskin/templates/content.gateway.php <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns">YOUR REQUIRED TEXT <ul class="no-bullet center" id="gateway_error"> {foreach from=$GATEWAYS item=gateway}
  13. Just for information futher to this. I have one item Price 10.00 with Sale Price of 6.99. If you then set the store to Global Sales mode say 10% then the sale price becomes 9.00 and not 6.99 so something to watch out for, This can be a problem for some store owners and has been covered in the forum previously but don't think a solution was found.
  14. Ive just added a Sale Item category to a clean install and then put the store in Sales mode. I now have two Sale Items links on the menu. Cubecart will name a duplicate category with a C and the number of the category in my case sale-items-c2.html. Maybe the easiest way to solve this is to delete the Sale Items category altogether,
  15. Replaced all our drives in desktops and laptops with SSD. The difference in performance even from an old laptop is amazing.