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  1. I have this working on a V3 store and I got the mod from http://cubecart.expandingbrain.com/free-cubecart-3-mods/simple-search-improvement-cc3/prod_160.html but not found a mod for V5 as yet. Maybe someone with a bit more coding knowledge that myself could modify it for V5?


    This looks interesting http://www.sitesmartuk.com/store/CubeCart-v5-Add-Ons-Modifications-/Suggestive-Search-2-CC5-/prod_54.html not sure it does exactly what you want but may be better than the default search.

  2. Thanks for the replies. This attack has been ongoing since the second week in December so quite a sustained attack.


    I've played the waiting game and I have protection on the website from a third party.


    Our Google ranking is shot to bits because I have such a high protection level on the site load time is very slow as it has to go through security checks before allowing access to the website. If I take the security off or reduce it the server crashes instantly and brings down all our other websites with it.


    We had a 1st page ranking for all of our main keywords and now we are back on page 2 and 3 so might as well not exist. So this is serious.


    I'm wondering if I take the website down completely for a few days might this stop the attack.  Would moving to a new server make any difference?


    We have another website that is on another server and that was hit recently too but it was another website on its server that was attacked but the protection that the host has put in place seems to have had a detrimentale impact on our google rankings too so in the process of moving that one.


    I really need to solve this so looking to find a solution we can all implement if it happens to any of us hard working Cubecarters.


    This can seriously hit an online business and cost people their jobs.

  3. We have a similar problem with our stock levels as we sell on various platforms. Don't know if this would work for you but we created our own account in our online store and use admin to create a dummy order of the products we have sold on the other platforms each day. Sometimes we will update several times in a day. Though not ideal we find this is much quicker than doing a manual update of each products stock level seperately.

  4. You should ideally create a new folder for your live skin and edit the config.xml file to reflect the new name (e.g. change kurouto to you new skins folder name)


        <uid>[email protected]</uid>




        <uid>[email protected]</uid>


    then clear the cache in Maintenance > Rebuild


    This way your new skin won't be overwritten when you update.

  5. Hi Al


    Thanks for that. The mobile skin I'm using for instance only has 7 products on the main page but my desktop site has 24. As I'm using the mobile skin that comes with Cubecart I have to hard code the products in so if they go out of stock then they don't auto generate new content (probably down to my lack of coding knowledge). One thing that would be good is the ability to select the number of products on the mobile page. Will that be possible? Also will you be keeping the mobile site in it's own folder as it is now or moving to just the one main set of skin files?


    I've tried this


    <script type="text/javascript">
       if (screen.width <= 699) {
       document.location = "http://www.mysite.com/index.php?display_mobile=1";


    which seems to work but the link at the bottom of the page switching from mobile to desktop obviously doesn't work.

  6. I would like to direct a customer to the mobile skin automatically depending on the screen size of the device they are viewing it on. Has anyone any idea how this can be done?


    Also I know there is a responsive skin in development, does anyone have any thoughts on how this should be done? Should it be one website with different css files for the different screen sizes or a separate mobile folder as it is now? Personally I would prefer the latter as it will be easier to customize but guess it is harder to implement and upgrade as both folders would need to be updated. I would appreciate any input on the pros and cons of each method if anyone would like to discuss it.

  7. Ideally the customer should know how much their order is before they go to PayPal and complete the payment there. Is that possible? I'm sure that's the way other eCommerce sites I've used work. A large "Complete Payment" button at the top with a clear message would help if this is not possible.

  8. Hi Al


    A couple of things. When the customer goes to the first paypal screen in the Order Summary section it should show the customer what they have bought (I'm sure it did this in the past or maybe I've seen it in V3). Also ideally when they come back to the website from PayPal then they should get a message "Thanks for your order and payment it is now being processed" or something similar. They shouldn't have to click on a Make Payment button because in the customers mind they have already paid. This final step is where I think some customers bail out and we end up with a Pending.

  9. The whole checkout process needs a total rethink. It should be much simpler to make a purchase.


    I really like Cubecart (run 6 stores on it) and like the fact that it is well supported but this issue is it's Achilles heel. I have a V3 store that has several million £'s worth of sales under it's belt and I would like to upgrade to V5 but there is no way I can do that at present as too many customers are bailing out at checkout on our V5 stores, this doesn't happen on V3.


    I'm pleased that finally other users are highlighting this problem as it's been an issue I have reported several times since V5 was launched but nothing has ever been done about it despite the requests and suggestions I have made. A totally new checkout module would be the way to go as other solutions are much better at doing this.

  10. Is that using the standard PayPal module? The error seems to only occur on my websites when we use PayPal Express. If the user is logged in and then selects PayPal Express at checkout then it seems to trigger the problem. Also when the customer comes back to the website when we use the standard module I don't think they realise they have to complete the final step to make their payment. I think many think they have already paid, especially foreign customers. Hence we get a lot of Pending orders.

  11. I brought this issue up months and months ago and don't think I was taken too seriously despite repeated tickets about it. I think we have lost a lot of sales because of this. The checkout process is too complicated and this logging out issue just adds to the frustration. Hopefully it will get resolved soon.

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