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  1. Don't know for sure but don't be tempted to buy likes on FB as I know for sure that will do you no favours. There are lots of other things you can do to create an SEO friendly website apart form FB and Twitter.  I would have thought a mobile friendly responsive skin would be an advantage, maybe look at the foundation skin as a starter. On our websites mobile devices make up more than 50% of our visits. Have you viewed your site on a mobile? I've just had a look at your current website skin and it looks like you have some issues with the desktop layout.

  2. Yes that's the correct folder. When making any changes that you are unsure of you should always make a store backup. In cPanel you will find a backup wizard. Download a copy of your home directory and database files. If you aren't 100% sure then rename the setup folder to something obscure. If all is well you can delete at a later time.

  3. Are you talking about using API to automate the updating of the product feed or the uploading of the product feed? I've looked at some of the info on the Content API pages and it looks like it is designed to do exactly what the automated product feed in the Google merchant account does which we can do quite easily with Cubecart. Updating individual items as the data changes is another matter but for most Cubecart users a daily update I would guess will be more than adequate. I have a store with 8000 items on it and a weekly schedule and it seems to be working fine. Can't find anywhere that says the feed has to be updated immediately if a change occurs. Am I missing something here?

  4. If you are running a V6 store you need to make sure you have this installed and activated https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/product-feeds/google-base

    In Store Settings click on the Advanced tab. At the bottom of the page in the Other section enter a password in the Product Feed Access Password box and Save.

    In Google Merchant go to the Feeds section and add a feed if you haven't already done so. In here you can schedule an automatic feed update to Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You will need a Product Feed URL. To get this in Cubecart admin go to the Export Catalogue section. Set the Products to export option to 25000 and you should end up with a 1 link the Download parts column (provided you don't have more than 25000 products). Now right click on the image at the end of the Google Base row and select Copy Link Location. You can now Paste this value into the Google Merchant File Url Settings box.

    Once all set up in Google Merchant in the Feeds section click on the Fetch Now link and your data feed should work.


  5. Thanks Dirty Butter for the suggestion but couldn't find anything relevant when I searched.

    My problem is that if I leave the stock levels to reduce at a pending order some customers are pressing the back button after going to checkout then retrying to pay which means that they sometimes get a warning saying products no longer in stock. We sometimes end up with the customer having 4 or 5 pending orders in the space of a few minutes. This usually means that we are losing sales and our stock levels are incorrect until we cancel the pending or unpaid orders.

    I'm now thinking it would be better to set the stock levels to reduce on payment. However because we have several customers who pay by bank transfer I need the print order form orders to go straight to processing and not pending and to reduce the stock levels as if payment had been made.

  6. Assuming you only sell digital products I think you will need to set up two different tax classes. One for digital goods that excludes EU countries and one for freebies that includes EU countries and apply each one to the relevant product. Shouldn't be too difficult to test. Are you using the All In One shipping mod? If so then this may also need some change to settings so post back if this is the case.

  7. You can export your orders database table into a spreadsheet. You would need to check to see if Quickbooks can import from a spreadsheet and what format it requires but would guess it should be doable.

    If you want to save on ink you can print/save your orders to pdf files and store the files in a folder on your computer. If you go to print your order you may have a print to pdf option on your printer menu, if not you can install Foxit Reader from https://www.foxitsoftware.com/products/pdf-reader/   which will give you the option to save the invoices as pdf files from the print menu.





  8. Thanks Dirty Butter but I don't have a problem with this as I don't add out of stock items to my sitemap by generating my own sitemap file. The point I was trying to make was that if you use the cubecart generated sitemap which includes out of stock products and Google indexes these then the links in the google search to these products appear to give a 404 error. Have you checked your out of stock links in Google? Does it do the same for you?

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