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  1. Hi Team, we are running digital shop on cubecart names https://hindikaraokeshop.com. so we didn't have any shipping method, for this we have installed one free shipping module in back-end and using free shipping but some of user is facing issue to place order. Cube cart is asking for shipping methods. i have attached screen shot for the same. if we will delete this customer and add him again so it will start working but in this case we will loose existing order and all old order so please suggest any solution without deleting this user. Please suggest any solution as soon as possible. Thanks
  2. Hi Bsmither, Thank you very much, this code is very very helpful to me. thanks a lot again. i need one more help from you. https://hindikaraokeshop.com/index.php?sdassdadasd2343444prodsd=879645 i would like to redirect this URL to home page or 404 page. because this url is not correct bit still homepage is opening with this URL. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Bismither, i am not getting exactly what you are saying. i have checked gui.class.php file but it is same as above. by using this my problem will not get solve so please tell me the code or way for this - https://hindikaraoke...ear/2000-s.html https://hindikaraoke...iewCat&catId=15 above both links are referring to same page. i want that anyone open 2nd link so it must redirect to 1st link
  4. Hi SimChris, i have already using <link rel="canonical" href="{$CANONICAL}" /> this canonical link but i didn't get exact result what i need.
  5. Dear Bsmither, please tell me where should i use this line into code ? i mean which file i need to edit and paste this line. header('Location: '.$seo_url, true, 301);
  6. Hi Peter thanks for reply, but is there any way by which we can redirect my old url to new seo friendly url. thanks
  7. Hi, i am cubecart developer, i have recently upgrade my cubecart 3.0 to cubecart 5.2.10 i am using seo friendly URL in my site but i can still open same link by custom url. https://hindikaraokeshop.com/songs-by-year/2000-s.html https://hindikaraokeshop.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=15 above both links are referring to same page. i want that anyone open 2nd link so it must redirect to 1st link or url should be seo friendly. Two url for same page is creating problem for SEO. please help me, Thanks in advance.
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