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  1. Hello,

    I am not sure if there is a thread for my query already in the forum. I would like to know if there is a way to place a restriction in a product to be sold in a specified area. The reason being is that I am willing to sell items such as fragrances which are restricted to sell internationally. I would much appreciate if you could help me on this.


  2. Hello There,

    As per the cubecart security suite I renamed the admin folder as well as the admin directory. Everything was running fine until i got this message:

    Not Acceptable

    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /98510a.php could not be found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    The only thing I was trying to do is to save my work.

    Every time I go to Store Settings and try to save my work I get this message please help!!!!

    I tried renaming it back to admin but cubecart wont work then.


    Is there any other place I need to rename as well. Your help is much appreciated.



    @Dirty Butter @bsmither @Al Brookbanks please help urgently!!!

  3. Hello,


    I upgraded from version 5.2.16 to 6.0.5. It was working fine when I checked last time which was about 3 days ago but the version seems to have a major issue. My site was really slow and the images were not loading not even a single and god knows how long it had been like that as I was away. I have rolled back to 5.2.16 and seems like its working fine but would like to ask if you could fix the issue as soon as possible.



  4. Hello,


    I see that on my store whenever someone clicks on check out the order is placed straight away. I mean when I did a test on my store logged in to the store as a customer, checked out, and redirected to paypal to make the payment but before making any payment I closed the page and received an email saying that the order has been received. Is there anyway I can receive the order only after the transaction/payment has been made?



  5. Hello,


    I did test on my friends email with no luck. As it is a new store I just realised that the customers are getting only the email from the Payment Gateway which at the moment Paypal for me. So I just found out that the customers are getting only the email from paypal but not from orders being placed. 



  6. HI,


    Many thanks for your reply. The customers are getting emails for the order confirmation. I did changed the code as well as you said but still no luck. After clicking Save and Send I do get a message saying 'Newsletter saved' 'News letter Sent'. However, I havent received test newsletter on my email. It seems like I am missing something. Is there any thing I need to configure in the emails?



  7. Hello,


    I am trying to send a test Newsletter, however I have tried so many times but have not been successful. It does says the Newsletter has been sent though. I have tried several times on my personal email to send a test Newsletter but did not get any of them.  Not sure if I have configured it correctly. Please advise!!!


    CubeCart Verson 5.2.13.




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