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  1. Yep all I did was modify the plugin so that it only exports products that have a google category set. So now when I set the category, it will automatically make it available on google shopping. I just changed this line: if($result['google_category'] != '') Previously it was checked if the price was 0, but I dont care about that since I already have a script that checks for that. Now I just need to make a script that will automatically set the google category for the product categories that I want to export. Thanks
  2. Well that is a good question DB, I need to look at that more as it could save me some time. But I want to be able to choose which products are exported as I don't want them all on google shopping. But maybe I could modify the google base plugin to suit my needs. Thanks
  3. Thanks, that will do the job I think. For some reason phpmyadmin was not showing half of my tables, so I couldnt find that table when in fact it is there. Very odd. So thanks again, this will allow me to create the URLs. Cheers.
  4. Hi Does anyone know how to get the product URL? I am working on the database itself, so I need to be able to generate or get the product URL for any poduct in the inventory. This is so I can use it when exporting to google shopping. Thanks
  5. Yes thanks DB. I had previously made a unique index on the UPC field, since I store alternative product code information in there and use it for SQL joins. So really it was my fault. The consequence is that I cannot manually add a new product unless I also put something unique in the UPC field, so I can't see just leave it blank. So it was my doing, but there was no error or warning when inserting the product, which is a bit odd.
  6. - Yes I can edit products fine, just not add new - I have 2 test sites which are on the same version and they are fine, just my live site - I am on 6.0.11 I just found in the System Error log what the issue is, it is logging this each time I try and save: Duplicate entry '' for key 'index_upc' Which table is index_upc in? Oh sorry I am being stupid, this is an index on the upc field. I must have made it, I think I can fix it now. Thanks
  7. So I have many products listed, but suddenly cannot add any new ones via admin. If I try, it says that the product was added successfully when I save it, but instead of showing me the same product, it loads the previous latest product. It is not actually saving it, and I have confirmed this in the inventory table. I am able to create a new product in the inventory directly using php admin. any ideas why this would happen? I can't add any products to my site manually at all. Thanks
  8. I made a simple reporting web page that lists all the products with no images set using a sql query. I am now half way through writing another script that then automatically goes and fetches the image from whatever web page I have set for that manufacturer, and downloads and sets the images. Let me know if that sounds of any use and I will share.
  9. Hi, I still need to be able to update the filemanager by calling it from a php script, does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks
  10. Hey all I have an internal dev server. The site is working fine using the URL, but when I login to admin. I get the login box, try and login, and it says Error 500. If use the IP address it works fine. So in my case http://centos/cc6/admin/php does not work (500 error) but works fine. I did set the URL on the SSL page to http://centos/cc6 (not that it is using SSL, SSL is off). It is on CENTOS 7, Cubecart 6.0.8. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Thanks bsmither, I tried that already but must have done it wrong, yes that has sorted it, thanks. Do you want to log this as a bug?
  12. Default foundation. Does anyone else see this issue?
  13. When the customer views orders, VAT is shown. When they click on Print Invoice at the bottom of the page, no VAT is shown, therefore it is not a valid VAT receipt. Can this be resolved please?
  14. Yes I wanted to do this as well as it shows on the invoice, which does not look great. I tried renaming to shipping in the config.xml file as well as renaming the folder to Shipping, and whilst this did change the name, it broke the plugin so I could not add shipping rates etc.
  15. OK I fixed all of these apart from no 3. For 1 - I can just login as the user to see the proper invoice. For 2 - I edited print.receipt.php to remove the second VAT line. But, for 3 - I cannot see why the VAT does not show, there is a line for $tax.value in print.receipt.php but it does not show when the user prints the invoice, which is a big problem as it means it is not a VAT receipt. When the customer views the order, the VAT does show, it is just when they print the invoice. So I don't think it is a configuration issue with the taxes. Also, when printing the order as admin, the VAT shows up fine, and the code in orders.print.php is exactly the same. Any ideas?
  16. Hi all I have some queries/issues with the invoice generation. 1. When printing the invoice in admin, there is no VAT number or email address 2. When printing the invoice as a customer, the VAT number is shown twice for some reason, once under the company details, and once under the customer details. It should not be on there twice. 3. The customer invoice does not have a breakdown of costs with and without VAT as per https://www.gov.uk/vat-record-keeping/vat-invoices so is not VAT compliant. Thanks
  17. Seems fine to me as well using Chrome and IE11. Could do with changing the favicon as it is using the default CC one.
  18. Finally launched our new site. Huge thanks to Al, bmisther and DB for your assistance along the way. The site is pretty much stock foundation, with the top bar added. I just wanted to get it live ASAP, and will work on further customisations ongoing. www.barebonesuk.com Any feedback welcome! Thanks
  19. Seems to be working OK, thanks!
  20. Hi all I am importing all my products into the database, and because I don't specify the SOE path, it is set automatically (which is fine) but as a result the error is showing the whole time, even to normal users (and google): The following errors were detected: The SEO path specified is already in use with another item. A unique one has been specified for you. Please check and amend if necessary. I do not want normal users seeing this error. How can I disable it completely? Thanks
  21. The certificate that is installed is not the right one. If you look at it, the CN should match your site URL, it does not and hence you get a warning. See below.
  22. Tried changing it and now it says: "store_title":" .km.km" Confused
  23. Table seems fine, no issues reported. Odd thing is, if I decrypt it, it says: "store_title":"\/" So where is it storing the text?
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