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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked other emailing methods available and they include the message ID in the headers. For some strange reason plain text messages don't include message ID's however HTML ones so apart from bulk mailing. I already have my server host looking into this. Was just hoping to shed some light on the matter as support for this kind of issue is very limited if any on search engines.
  2. We have Identified a problem with the bulk mailer on our cubecart version 4.4.4. All of our emails are falling into spam at the moment and the main issue is caused by an invalid message ID in the email headers. For example, currently our message ID is sent as <randomletters&numbers>.<morerandomletters&numbers>@ I believe for this to be valid, the domain name after the @ should be present. As this is not the case at the moment our emails are being flagged as spam by numerous mail clients. How can I configure the bulk mailer to add the domain name after the @ in the message ID?
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