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  1. with what you said, it sounds better to not have the meta tags on there. I've been researching XSLT and meta tags. some of what I've seen also says the HTML meta tags in an XSLT file may not be recognized by all browsers. so I think I'll leave them out. thanks for your input and help.
  2. I don't know if I put the <h1> in a different place in the body or not, but after I entered it where you mentioned it I checked the sitemap and it showed my title. can you also put meta tags? I know they aren't used all the time, but everything else on cc asks for them.
  3. I had tried to do this on my own, but no matter what I did, I didn't get a title to show up on my sitemap page. foe those that don't know, I have the "loc" and "lastmod" in sitemap.xml and the stylesheet in simple.xsl. all I tried doing was adding <H1> and <H2> in the <body style....> section. they didn't show on my sitemap.
  4. I had an idea it was something like that. thanks for your help.
  5. that code worked, but I find it funny that my links give 3 different colors. that I'm not too concerned about though.
  6. I copied/pasted that code into the simple.xsl file and now nothing shows on my sitemap.
  7. that fixed it. 1 other question - on these sitemaps, are the links meant to be unclickable?
  8. not all the links. essentially what I need is a stylesheet. I had seen an example on google about 3 or 4 months ago that had a php page that was supposed to cover that and display each link 1 at a time. unfortunately when i coded it for my site it didn't display anything.
  9. that's not my issue. I can get 2 other sitemaps free also. my current problem is getting the XML sitemap to not show the message - This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. . if you have any ideas on that, I'd appreciate them.
  10. i know the Site Docs are on the front page - I think all my links show on all pages. I do have a Navigation List for the products I sell.
  11. well like i said, i tried to write a file to display the XML data but it didn't show anything. i tried it in PHP cause that's what i found on google when i searched that message. if HTML is better suited for it, I'll need help writing the file.
  12. my cc sitemap when I linked it on my site says " This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. " I tried writing a page to fix that then it didn't show anything.
  13. no the link isn't in the new sitemap. so just cause that number is way out there cc doesn't care that it's not in sequence?
  14. You know even with the cc sitemap I can still pull up the page 285. is there any way to fix that or should I just ignore it?
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