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  1. Hi this is also happening to me except with the below trying to upgrade to 6.1.1, I tried to upgrade and got error, the the red line says I am up to date but I am not.... again so confused tried llast on Nov 1st.. but info in maintenance etc states below.... CubeCart Version Date 6.1.0 Thursday, 27 October 2016 Technical Details CubeCart Version 6.1.0 PHP Version 5.5.35
  2. well, I was just getting ready to upgrade from within my admin, and noticed I had been having some trouble today with pages loading and timing out, or saying they were not working etc, so I decided to come to the forum and see if anyone was having trouble with the new CC upgrade, before I upgraded myself. Sure glad I did. Any ideas as to when all these issues I have been reading in the forum threads about the new upgrade, will be stable and resolved. I already have enough issues going on I am trying to resolve, like my email client etc still not working, and certainly don't need anymore.
  3. I don't remember seeing it before, but just tried to read it now, it confused me bad. Thanks anyway
  4. yeah, I might, but last time, it was a lot miscommunicating before they actually understood me and got it right lol What I really wish, is that a new captcha would work on all the other free skins/templates, because so far, knock wood, I have not yet had this problem on the (foundation) shop that is able to use one. Is there a fix for all the other free ones, I wonder. If anyone knows of one, I would appreciate being pointed in that direction.
  5. Thank you for responding, based on what you said, I am already scared of the cpanel lol, so I think I will just live with it, and hope it stops. I did leave the captcha working on the shop that I am using Foundation on, because it works there. However, it does not work on any of the other free templates I am using (currently using Karouto) so I had to turn it off because it was keeping real customers from purchasing or registering..
  6. thank you both.... bsmither, it is really late here now, I am going to bed, but I may hit you up via message in the next few days as Butter suggested to me, to see if you can figure out why the codes she sent me links to don't work for me... we will have to do that via private message, as she would prefer the info be kept under the radar Good night
  7. ah, so I should leave it on the tangibles store just for extra safety then I assume... are you saying basically it can't hurt??
  8. I am using the captcha on my vintage collectibles shop, and it is using Foundation... I am not sure what you mean about comprimised, it doesn't sound good, but do you think I should disable it. Also, Dirty Butter did a test for me after I followed instructions, (she will most likely ask you about it as she would like to keep it private) and the test failed miserably LOL, so maybe you have the answers.... I may be leaving to have dinner soon, but of course will be hoping for more help
  9. Thank you, I will try to make sense of it, and if not, I will be posting more questions in this thread... thanks to both of you so far
  10. I just installed the security thing that was suggested beloe, but I dont see anywhere to place an ip to block, it only has zones in a drop down, and if I add a zone, then anyone from that zone will be locked out... I thought it should have a slot to actually add an IP address number??? I don't have the paid supprt and can not afford to btw, reseaching the ip, it claims it is from an American city
  11. so I should just leave the captcha off then??? cool, I might try the plug in, I am so wary of screwing the store up, and having to lose, and upload it all again.. Wish I could understand cpanel, I feel so simplified lol Were you talking to me Butter, I got confused, and not sure what you mean. Can you give me more info on finding this spam control thread? not sure what you mean about the 3rd party
  12. unfortunately, I had to shut my captcha off because it only works apparantly with foundation, and not with the other free templates. I am using Kurouto now, and if I turn Captcha on, then it does not show up on the check out page. Would the captcha help deter this, or do they have means of getting around it Also looking at the security link you added, it looks good and is free, but is there any known problems from anyone in installing this. I would be using the instant install, cause I am cpanel stupid
  13. Hello, I have a digital store, and there are freebies you can download in the freebie section. You are still required to go through the check out process on the ones that have an instant download, They are not hard to tell the different. I am currently using Kurouto tho. Good luck. https://treasuredscrapsrva.net/store/
  14. If this is in the wrong place, please move. I have been having trouble with spammers registering for my store, and signing up to the newsletter, but of course they do not buy anything, or add an address, only a spammers name, and bogus generated address. and same IP over and over. This has been going on for the second week now. Is there a way to block certain IPS from accessing the store, or at least stop an IP from registering or creating an account. This is getting real annoying, and I don't understand what the purpose is, considering I am not a blog or social network... Are they trying to see if they can hack or something... here is the latest one, same ip.. RandyveicsFP - [email protected] -
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