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  1. ok so I installed paypal extension, I push test, seems fine... for 3 days I have called paypal and spoke to someone trying to purchase on my site.... paypal says it seems fine...but, they could really care less cause they are really busy right now I am sure... anyways, not sure what to put in IPN ???? to get a notice of payment??? and she sent me a notice she see's when she goes onto her paypal account it says " Hi Linda I checked paypal and it said " [email protected] transaction details [email protected] - negative$18.44 [email protected] hasn't accepted yet. Cancel anyone know what this means?????????? HELPPPPPPPP PLEASEEEEE
  2. oh ok... you did go pretty far.... well, as far as you could till you pay? right? but, it did look like it was working?
  3. I did the IPN and as I was doing what you asked I rec'd another order.... I am really getting scared now so, I am on hold with paypal now thank you for all your help... I will let you know what happened
  4. https://woodupic.com/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=PayPal this???
  5. I have never done this before...... Grrrrrrrr ok so put in there https://www.woodupic.com/plushcatalog/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=PayPal like this??????? thank you so much for helping me.... shouldn't the payment atleast show in my paypal account if it was paid yesterday?????
  6. Instant payment notifications Integrate PayPal payment notifications with my website. in my setting Instant Payment Notifications says this..... if I update it it says that it needs a url, right now it says disablied is it ok to leave .... ??????? making me crazyyyyyyy
  7. I rec'd my first order today ...they said they paid through paypal... it shows paypal on the gateway part of the order form I printed... now what do I do? just wait to hear something from paypal? I go into my paypal account and there is no activity... do I change the status from pending to processing on my end? will that help? I sell on amazon all the time but like I said I am new here... my first sale with cubecart..... helppppppppp please....thank you!
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