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  1. junior_pat

    Image product

    the size of the images is too big. Yes if I click there is a tick, if I click there is a star and if I click I have the empty box. The problem is when I save, it shows me the main photo and not the other photos. In addition, I have no box checked just blank box as in the picture of the link below. How to make it appear? Thank you for your help.
  2. junior_pat

    Image product

    I have the skin mican v. 1.0.4. I would like the images as in the photo but I would like to delete the old images so that it does not appear. Since it does not appear in the admin part (as soon as I save the images, it does not allow me to uncheck additional images so that it does not appear anymore). In addition, the old images remain and add to the news. I put two files first as I wish the image and the second to show that I can not remove the second photo. How to delete the 2nd photo in the shop and / or it appears in the admin part.
  3. junior_pat

    Image product

    Yes that's what I wanted but if I have a second image with {if false && $ GALLERY} the second image is not displayed and I can not put two main images. What I wanted to say is that if I check an image by a view (extra image) and save it, the image does not appear with the main one and the checkmark is not put when it's done. retreat (photo already sent) (here is the picture before you saved it) Otherwise I'll only do a picture. Any other questions, do you know how to put a space between "Hello Guest" and log on to the homepage? Thank you for your help. PS: I know I'm complicated.
  4. junior_pat

    Image product

    Hello, Thank you for the answer. The version with {if false && $ GALLERY} works but only displays the main photo. When I put the star and a check mark (my logo), it does not show me the 2nd image as I show you in attachment. Therefore, it is difficult to uncheck the other images. Do you know why it does that to me? Thank you for your help.
  5. junior_pat

    Image product

    Hello When I go into my products, I have images that appear next to the main image. How to disable this option or delete other images? Indeed, I have photo standby that appears. Thank you for your help. PS: You can look my problem in attach