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  1. i know it can be set up and configured to be complex, but it takes a lot of work when compared to a module that simply checks rates from the carrier
  2. i think AISO is going to end up to more or less be a flat rate solution anyway, too many variables to have it be accurate, use it for my in-town stuff that i personally deliver, i just dont ship because i cant use the canpost extension and canpost is the only affordable option for small business.
  3. i think if it just showed all the options in the existing report it'd be sufficient, at least for now i think it'd be easier to just have an option on the advanced reports config to toggle on and off integration with the stock levels module (just so the option is there if someone doesn't want to use the sock levels module pricing), and then just have the main report show the stock levels version instead of the basic version. Not related to this, i'd love to see a page for each item (both a consolidated item view and a view for each individual option in the matrix) with the advanced reporting, specifically each order showing quantity, cost, sell, profit, margin, and totals, filterable by date range. Also it'd be nice if i could change the date range shown on the dashboard through a dropdown or something instead of having to go to the settings and change it.
  4. Yeah currently the advanced reports doesn't use the stock values plugin's values so its still not really helpful, are you going to add this functionality?
  5. thanks i'll take a look at that, i wish it was built in to your advanced reports tool because that's what i am demoing right now and trying to get accurate reporting on
  6. Just wondering if this is possible? for example i sell an item with lots of different options, 4 different sets of options, one of the sets of options does have a sell price variable entered in so i am selling the item for as an example $2 more, but i would like to be able to also adjust my cost for the item so i get accurate reporting (using the advanced reporting extension) right now i can only set one cost for the item, and its really not practical for me to split it in to 3 separate items for each option example option 1 cost is $2 sell is $5 option 2 cost is $2.35 sell is $6 option 3 cost is $2.50 sell is $7 but i can only enter one cost, so i cant get accurate profit reporting for each item sold. sorry if this is really confusing, still on my first coffee.
  7. Awesome i have been trying to figure this out all day, i am definitely not a coder, thanks again for your help
  8. Sorry to bother you again, i am trying to get the customer notes and internal notes to appear on the "orders" page like they do on the unsettled dashboard page. I have the following inserted in to the orders.index.php and the customer notes appear, but the internal notes dont work. <td> <a href="{$order.link_print}" class="print" target="_blank" title="{$LANG.common.print}"><i class="fa fa-print" title="{$LANG.common.print}"></i></a> <a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$order.cart_order_id}&source=dashboard" title="{$LANG.common.edit}"><i class="fa fa-pencil-square-o" title="{$LANG.common.edit}"></i></a> <a href="?_g=orders&delete={$order.cart_order_id}&source=dashboard" class="delete" title="{$LANG.notification.confirm_delete}"><i class="fa fa-trash" title="{$LANG.common.delete}"></i></a> {if $order.customer_comments ne ""}<i class="fa fa-file-text-o" title="{$order.customer_comments}"></i>{/if} {if isset($order.notes)} <a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$order.cart_order_id}&source=dashboard#order_notes" title="{foreach $order.notes as $note}{$note.time} {$note.content}{"\r\n"}{/foreach}"><img src="{$SKIN_VARS.admin_folder}/skins/{$SKIN_VARS.skin_folder}/images/note.png" alt="{$LANG.common.notes}"></a> {/if} </td> i think i need to make a change in the orders.index.inc.php but i cant quite understand that one
  9. thanks, i think it actually works better for me to enter it in the admin because i can put a customer name and stuff without having to register, also this is only my cash sales account, its always local... also my website isnt set up for shipping at all right now, i can work with what i have, if i had the need for shipping i'd consider your way Dirty Butter, i definitely dont have $80(cad) to spend on a plugin.
  10. I wanted it for my counter sales account so i could enter any pricing i want because i sell stuff at auction and i want accurate profit reporting in the databse. Ideally i would like to do it on the website with that one specific account so the person entering the order doesnt have to have access to the back end, but i found i can do everything i want through the backend, not ideal but it works... and i am sure getting it how i want wouldnt be a simple task.
  11. i have not made any changes to any coding and i know the GA code works because it shows site visits, it just doesn't show ecom data i'm not sure what the difference is but acording to GAchecker its got "google universal analytics" site is doubledozen.ca if you wanna check the results
  12. hey @bsmither this is a great solution, i have implemented it and it works perfect, i was hoping you could help configure it for my purpose, i'd like to have it show the "additional notes" field the user inputs when they check out.
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