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  1. I will visit your site in the morning and contact you to discuss plans. Thanks for your help
  2. Where can I go to look at the rates of your hosting plans?
  3. What hosting site would you suggest? I want to stick with CC because I am familiar with them.
  4. I purchased a domain with hostgator. Can I use cubecart through them?
  5. I have downloaded Cube Cart 6.17 but I a unable to install. I am attempting to create a new website. Please provide insight on the step to get started. Is there a different place I should go to set up the site?
  6. Thanks I was actually fixing it now. I will see if I can find the folder you are talking about. I'm in there but not sure exactly what I am looking for.
  7. I need to change or remove the free shipping box. Can someone help me? I can not find where to edit this section of the store. See attachment below. Thanks in advance Quality Bath and Body Products.html
  8. Thank you both so much! Life savers!! Now my original issue. I need to change the free shipping box. My site is open can you help me?
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