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  1. The tech support dude I talked with last night suggested that I come on here and post the question. This was after he talked to someone else briefly, before coming back on the phone and telling me he couldn't do anything. Seeing as it was simple enough that even I could fix it, seems like it should have been easy for tech support to rectify on their end. Doesn't make tech support look too tech savvy.... But I will say I'm not always great about reading their emails. They may have notified me and I simply missed it.
  2. OMG!! THANK YOU!!!!! I changed the file as the link suggested and it worked perfectly!!! You saved my weekend. Thank you so much!!!
  3. My site was working fine up until 3 days ago and I got this errorFatal error: Call to undefined function apc_fetch() in /home/kweenbee/public_html/store/classes/cache/apc.class.php on line 172 I contacted go daddy that hosts my site and they say that it is a caching error that they can do nothing for. I've not fiddle with the code at all and have used nothing but the front line access to add products to my store and the occasional mod. I have no idea why this has happened. I'm using the 6.1.4 version and have not done the most recent update. I know next to nothing about coding and can't even access the admin page through the website. Please help!
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