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  1. Hi, I am quite new with Cubecart. I am trying to create a link for all products on the NAV bar with onter categories (such as ALL) and then display all the products on the home(main) page inside a box on the right column. Can anyone give me an idea how I can build this view for all products in a box and display on the home page. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you Madan
  2. Hi, I am not running any production site but trying to learn the structure of CubeCart. I have installed version 6.1.7 in my localhost with MySQL 10.1.8-MariaDB and PHP 5.6.14. Do you or anyone know how the application flows. In which folder, all global variables are kept and how the class functions access these variables to send them to the view for display. I believe it has some kind of MVC structure! Many thanks in advance Madan
  3. Hi Forum, Can anyone give me some idea on how to display all products (say in alphabetical order) on the home page? How can I generate the full product list using the database query with a new global variable $all_products and use it in my home page or in a box? Any clue from anyone? Many thanks in advance. Madan
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