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  1. Hi. I'm having a bit of a problem with this Extension. 1. After a customer checks out, it displays a screen with the following ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Amount Due A total of €26.95 is due for order number 190423-105827-6658 Your order will be completed once payment has been received. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The bank details for the customer to pay into do not show, although I have entered them in the Manage Extensions area in the admin area How does the client know who to pay? I would expect the bank details to show on screen or an email sent to the client with the bank details 2. I do not receive an email notification of the order, even though I have set "Order status for admin email notifications" to "Pending" Emails are working on the site when I do a test Please can you advise what I'm doing wrong Thanks Joel Hi - problem partially solved Although I had entered the bank details, etc, I hadn't entered the titles - e.g. Account Name, Account Number, etc. Once I entered the titles, it now shows on screen However, I'm still not receiving an email notification, so any help with that would be appreciated
  2. Hi. Please can someone help me I entered the admin panel and got a message saying I was using an old version and I should upgrade. I think it said I was using 6.18 and I should upgrade to 6.22, but can't be sure. I clicked upgrade. It logged me out Now I can't log in. I am able to access the database in phpMyAdmin Any ideas? UPDATE I manually upgraded from 6.18 to 6.24, but I am still unable to log in
  3. Hi. Thanks for your help. I have managed to work out a way of doing this now
  4. I understand that when a client has made a successful payment, they receive an email that I can edit here Email Templates/Email Contents/Cart:Payment Received What I would like to do is send one email (with details specific to that particular product) to clients who have purchased that product, and just a general email to clients who have purchased other products. Any idea how I can do this? Thanks in advance
  5. I have a shop with various items the client can purchase at set prices, but is it possible to set up a product/button where the client can pay an invoice by entering their own payment amount and then get taken to the Checkout? I used to use PayPal and could set up a Pay Now button on my website that let clients enter their invoice number and payment amount, but can't find how to do something similar with Cubecart. I'm using Sage as the payment method now if this makes any difference Thanks in advance for any help/guidance
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