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  1. Add search box to main site

    Thanks. I added a google search as per Robando's suggestion and this works fine. Sorry - I couldn't understand bsmither's suggestion - I don't know how to code a search box Thanks anyway
  2. Add search box to main site

    Hi My setup is that I have a main site with just an index.html page and the shop in a subfolder, like this Is there any way to add the shop's search box to my main site homepage (, so that clients can search the shop from the homepage? Thanks in advance Joel
  3. Update Thanks for your help guys. I have now moved Cubecart to a subfolder Just to explain for those with a non-SSL site, simply create a new folder in your root, e.g. shop Delete the .htaccess file in your root (don't forget to save any amendments you've made to the .htaccess file yourself and create a new one with just your entries) Move all the files and folders from your root to the new folder The only other thing I did was go to Advanced, Maintenance and clicked rebuild sitemap. I think this is what forced Cubecart to rebuild the new .htaccess file For some reason, I had to upload some of the images again, but apart from that it went seamlessly
  4. Thanks Al Do you know the process for moving the site to a subfolder for a non-SSL site?
  5. Hi - thanks for your responses. Al - I don't have SSL. Can you let me know the process for a non-SSL site please Noodleman. If I delete the .htaccess file, does Cubecart create a new one automatically? Thanks
  6. Hi. I would like to move Cubecart from the root folder to a subfolder so I can create a nice front page for clients. Can I do this without reinstalling the whole thing? Thanks in advance