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  1. Update Thanks for your help guys. I have now moved Cubecart to a subfolder Just to explain for those with a non-SSL site, simply create a new folder in your root, e.g. shop Delete the .htaccess file in your root (don't forget to save any amendments you've made to the .htaccess file yourself and create a new one with just your entries) Move all the files and folders from your root to the new folder The only other thing I did was go to Advanced, Maintenance and clicked rebuild sitemap. I think this is what forced Cubecart to rebuild the new .htaccess file For some reason, I had to upload some of the images again, but apart from that it went seamlessly
  2. Thanks Al Do you know the process for moving the site to a subfolder for a non-SSL site?
  3. Hi - thanks for your responses. Al - I don't have SSL. Can you let me know the process for a non-SSL site please Noodleman. If I delete the .htaccess file, does Cubecart create a new one automatically? Thanks
  4. Hi. I would like to move Cubecart from the root folder to a subfolder so I can create a nice front page for clients. Can I do this without reinstalling the whole thing? Thanks in advance