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  1. I need the items under product options to stay in the order they were added is there anyway to do that? I added them in proper date order but once I added them to the matrix they went in any order. Any help would be appreciated, I'm new to cube cart. Thanks!
  2. Order Placed: Can't find CC info

    i was logged in securely. i placed a test order and the cc information came in fine. when i check the customers order the card details tab isn't even displayed.
  3. Order Placed: Can't find CC info

    I think the customer didn't include a CC but somehow was still able to place the order.
  4. Hi, I just had my first order placed with a CC and I cannot find the cc info. This is the extension... Card Capture Card Capture Payment Gateway1.0.6 Gateway CubeCart It's not in the order and it's not in the Card Capture area.
  5. i reinstalled everything, thanks for your help.
  6. thanks do you know how to i reinstall and keep the database if I can't login to the admin area?
  7. can anyone tell me if i'm going to lose all the products i've entered and product options if i reinstall? is there anyway to back that up?
  8. yes, i just cleared that all again. i really don't want to lose the work i've done so far if I have to reinstall.
  9. I don't see a difference since it's been disabled.
  10. I'll have them disable it now. It's SSL ok it's disabled now.
  11. They responded and said to attach this link they said they can disable nginx
  12. when we installed the ssl they updated the .htaccess and then it was working fine i thought. i tried to login to the admin area and it hasn't worked since.
  13. what should i do then? is there away i can backup my store and then just reinstall? i have done a lot of customizing and I don't want to loose the look and feel. I also added all my products and don't want to lose those with all the product options.