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  1. When buyer write Review and send, not appear any confirmation, and nothing appear to Administrator Review. Recaptcha look like work correct. Type: Invisible reCAPTCHA (recomended). Any halp?
  2. Solved, Problem was in mail system.
  3. after upgrade from 6.2.2 to 6.2.5 appear some problems: 1. after select Check-out order get: HTTP 500 error on page: http://edata.com.hr/cubecart/index.php?_a=gateway 2. Test mail on Settings/Store setting/Advance not pass. in version 6.2.2 works well
  4. When select Fetch rate in Currencies module, nothing do! Any help?
  5. After testing Cubecart V6.22 store project I moved it to the server with static IP, export SQL data to the server. when start store (http://edata.com.hr/cubestore) get just first index page, when select any other link got HTTP 404 The web page cannot be found... Any body have experience how resolve it. Thanks
  6. I made this experiment and problem disappear. Now all specific characters in store show correct.
  7. I create hr-HR.XML adding new language and select appropriate language ISO codes hr-HR and currency. After that made translation English to Croatian. My Cubecart store is possible reach on: http://edserver.ddns.net/cubecart/index.php I like tell again problem appear after upgrade version 6.2. with 6.1 all worked well.
  8. Thenks so much, I check all your sugestions and look everything is OK, exactly as you described. I using Croatian language (local name: Hrvatski) Language file: hr-HR.XML ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <language version="2.0"> <info> <title>Hrvatski</title> <code>hr-HR</code> <character_set>utf-8</character_set> <version>1.0.0</version> <minVersion>5.0.0</minVersion> <maxVersion>6.*.*</maxVersion> <default_currency>HRK</default_currency> <text_direction>ltr</text_direction> </info> Use Skin: Foundation. I check with other Skins, same problem appear. Need tell you problems not exist during use CubeCart version 6.1.13 Appear when installed version 6.2.1, as well now use version 6.2.2.
  9. As administrator all specific characters are present correct, when go on shop, instead show sign ? instead specific characters. I checked code page on MySQL, on ini.inc.PHP also set UTF-8. on administrator side: Termostat bežični; on client side as shop show: Termostat be� i� Any idea what need setup.
  10. Upgrade manually passed all phases Ok. But after that all texts with specific Croatian chars not show correct. At first I suppose it is something wrong with UTF-8 definition, but not see any reason in source what look. Any idea how solved it?
  11. Hi, nothing see below, can you send me on private mail. Thanks.
  12. I have same problem. CubeCart hosted on localhost, installed XAMPP 7.1.13. Browsers Microsoft Edge, IE, Google Chrome issue always after logging CSRF. Mozilla Firefox never issue, all working correct. It become little traumatical. Same error happen if login as admin or as customer. For now in testing phase I shoud work just over Firefox, but it not acceptable. Does anybody can help and offer solution. Thanks
  13. In fact I not need any service or payment gateway, just need the custemers can select payment way: on bank account or pay cash to postman. I need see what customer selected on order. If select payment over bank should wait bank confirmation, after that organize shipping. If select pay cash to postman, I will organize shipping without waiting, regarding courier service will get cash when goods deliver, ad this cash will pay on our bank account. It is mean not need any service, just selection payment way, this determines the delivery method.
  14. Thanks, I applied that. I see this is not inside features. Need to use Extensions. For payment I used Print Order Form (for bank transfer payment), but need add options: COD - Cash on delivery. I search Extensions but not see this options.
  15. Hi, I am really new in using CC6 (CC6.1.13), just testing features, and try some customize for my future store. I looking for where I can define shipping methods but not see this features, same situation is with payment methods, not see where can define that. I plan use in start just simple payment methods: payment on bank account or cash when delivery. But during make order no any point where can define. I try search on forum, but not seen answers. Thanks
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