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  1. Wait if somebody will check this ???
  2. When again set coma ',' as decimal separator and '.' as thousands separator again same problem (200,00kn) Mean in data base: Cubecart_order_inventory Custom blob binary: a:5:{s:5:"value";s:8:"200,00kn";s:4:"name";s:19:"Nebojša Urošević";s:5:"email";s:18:"[email protected]";s:7:"message";s:124:"Hello .";s:6:"method";s:5:"Email";}
  3. after replace decimal and thousands delimiters mail value comming correct.
  4. I will change delimitters '.' and ',' and test Can you try buy Gift coupon on my web www.edata.com.hr/cubecart I will administrate as paid and can be delivered, you will see what will get on mail.
  5. Decimal separator is ',' Thousands separator is '.' This is same code. Cubecart_Order_Inventory record: Suppose some problem appear with Decimal separator ',' and Thousands separator '.'
  6. Defined local currency Croatian Kuna: kn (HRK) What details need explain?
  7. Has anyone noticed a problem like this?
  8. During testing Gift cards, I look problem. Purchase gift card amount 100 ( also tested when written 100,00 or 100.00 result is same), when received Gift card mail, look amount 10.000,00 in menu Promotional Code/Gift cards is correct 100,00. See images, pls. maybe problem is in numeric format during generate mail.
  9. I agree with you, end user interface who use Cubecart as buyer, and also Admin mode is preaty good. My opinion related on Cubecart software maintenance and upgrades new features.
  10. Thank you very much, this helped. I should suggest as improvement idea for future upgrades, when in Admin mode should be nice to see all categories, regardless if has items or it is empty. At this moment in Admin mode can not see empty categories in parent category drop down list. (If Store settings/Layout = No show empty categories).
  11. I already note, CubeCart developed as very complex software to hard for maintenance and support. Don't know if existing any debugging methods. With any new version I almost get problems. My CubeCart shop is full simple design, with around 130 items, what I use more to presentation and getting my experience in web shop systems. I asked myself more times, what problems should be if it real web shop with hundreds daily visitors. It should be terrible. With new 6.4.2 version I also discover on my server problems with 'Categories' I adding that, but not appear in menu. Not help Cache clear or similar.
  12. After add the categories/Subcategories, not see it correct in Menu. This problem look when start use V 6.4.2. For example category ha 4 bubcategories, but in menu show just one. I do clear cache and refresh pages, but not appear.
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