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  1. Yes my first store is version 6.2.5 and this store is 6.2.9. I forgot the versions were different. I'm sorry I wasn't making myself clear enough. When I logon to Cubecart's Admin Panel the address bar says "Not Secure | ...." I will attach a screen shot. I clicked on the lock you told me to and that got rid of the "Not Secure" message. I would have had no idea to even try that. Thanks again so much.
  2. Yes. It is as soon as I logon to the Admin Panel Dashboard. It says "Not Secure | ilovemybigbooty.com/admin_klvcct.php". If I copy the address it is showing http://ilovemybigbooty.com/admin_klvcct.php. In Settings, SSL I enter Secure URL as https://www.ilovemybigbooty.com and it reverts it to http://www.ilovemybigbooty.com but on my first store it shows the same thing and I do not see" Not Secure" so I assumed it just shows it without the "s" in Admin Panel, Settings, SSL On the website itself it is showing https.
  3. I certainly do appreciate your time and help. I'm trying to decide whether I think it's safe to go live and start testing products or if I should start from the beginning and reinstall cubecart and copy everything from my original store again. If it stays with it just showing a blank page thats no big deal but that's what happened before and then I started getting the http error 500 and unable to log into admin panel. Maybe I will wait a week or so to see what happens. Also, I hate to ask you about another issue when you have given me so much of your time and help already but I have not
  4. No other errors in Error Log, System Error Log tab. Core table lists the php-errors log which I displayed previously. The only thing in that is the possible phishing attack info above. In log-errors, the two columns say "on".
  5. There were no banners showing in Maintenance, Database tab.
  6. There's just an access log with this information logged in it from when I cleared the error logs: 2601:49:: - - [08/Jul/2020:19:11:01 -0400] "GET /admin_klvcct.php?_g=maintenance HTTP/1.1" 200 8326 ilovemybigbooty.com "http://ilovemybigbooty.com/admin_klvcct.php?_g=settings" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.116 Safari/537.36" "-" 2601:49:: - - [08/Jul/2020:19:11:02 -0400] "GET /admin_bdoybl/skins/default/js/styles/styles.php?f784505b689c0865c0ecc7a1981feb52 HTTP/1.1" 200 49471 ilovemybigbooty.com "http://ilovemybigbooty.c
  7. Those changes worked and now I can access my product details page and my social media pages! Thank you! I do still get a blank page when I try to clear error logs or request logs but it does clear them, it just does not update back to the maintenance tab. Do you think that is something I have to worry about and try to fix? I'm a little worried about it because that is what it was doing for a few days before it decided to give me http error 500 when trying to get into the admin panel.
  8. If it happens again I will check the maintenance, database tab for errors. I have no errors showing there now that it's fixed. I understand the auto-increment now. Thanks for the explanation. I looked at the CubeCart_seo_urls database but do not understand what the fields should be. There is an id, item_id, and custom fields. I assume the custom field is to signify whether someone made custom urls. I cleared all auto-generated seo urls under maintenance tab, and looked at the .htaccess file and compared it to the .htaccess file for my first store(which should be the exact same thing except the
  9. Hmm. When I click on anything it just stays on the main page, whether I click on the product details, return policy, privacy policy, etc. This is what you found earlier but I didn't have a chance to look into it yet and now it seems even the product details page will not load.
  10. Okay it looks like they have fixed the http Error 500. This is the email I received from my hosting company support agent: "I've corrected the rest of the missing autoincrement settings for the primary keys in the remainder of the tables that needed them, then reset the password for the admin user and now the site is working as expected. Regarding the apparent discrepancy between the advertised 896 MB RAM available and the specifics of the error message you recorded: your package does indeed support up to 896 MB RAM, but the CubeCart installation specifically limited it, per the following
  11. It was on the login page for the Admin panel. It allowed me to log in a couple times and then just stopped so I assumed it was something my hosting company did because they are still working on it and now want me to fix it. lol. Maybe the rep was putting in the wrong password and got cubecart to block me. I will delete all rows in CubeCart_blocker. Thanks again!
  12. Well, I finally heard back from my hosting company. Apparently their 24/7 support does not work during the weekends. lol. This is what they had to say: "There unfortunately are no error logs on our shared hosting packages; the only available logs are those that are found in the ./logs directory of your webspace, plus the PHP scripting errors that you've already discovered how to collect. Nevertheless, I was able to determine that the cause of the blank page was a missing autoincrement setting for the primary key of, ironically enough, the table named ilmbb_CubeCart_system_error_log in the
  13. Okay I modified the code as you requested but when I went to my site www.ilovemybigbooty.com it now gives me the http error 500 instead of showing the site and no debug code. I noticed also in the error-log that the error was on the $trace = debug_backtrace(); statement (I should clarify I did have debug enabled but it did not show anything so I disabled it to see if the error would go away and after that I could not access my admin panel again to turn it back on).
  14. no I have not been able to get back into Admin Panel to turn on debug mode. I will turn on debug and add the code you provided as soon as I am able to get back into my Admin Panel. I have asked my hosting company 4 times now how to get access to the system logs or if they can look at them and the agent is just ignoring my requests. They do this when they do not know how to do something I am asking them to do. lol. I will take time to call them a little later today and hopefully get some answers. Thanks again!
  15. I'm wondering why it's using so much memory if my first site that I copied all info from isn't crashing. Both sites are almost identical except my first site has 4 products in it and this new one only has the one product. I was hoping if I could increase the memory limit then I could get into the Admin Panel and try updating or reinstalling my paypal extension and/or look for other issues because I am assuming increasing the memory is just a bandaid and I still need to find out why it is using so much memory. Maybe I best wait for my hosting company to get back to me after they look into it b
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