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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble accessing the admin panel. When I try and load up https://mysite/admin_****.php I get 403 forbidden? I've tried from different media i.e. laptop, phone and tablet etc... Any clues as to how to override this? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm using the following: {if $VAL_SELF|strpos:'search.html'}<h5>Your search produced {$TOTAL_RESULTS} results...</h5>{/if} <h5>{$category.cat_name}</h5> To get search results. It's great, but doesn't capture 0 items found. I get: Your search produced results... Search results Is there a way of editing {$TOTAL_RESULTS} to include '0'?
  3. Hi, Is there a way of only showing the list view in desktop, but keeping the grid view on mobile and tablet. I've tried tagging out the toggle between the two. It works at first, but when I adjust the browser to mobile view, refresh and resize to desktop, it goes back to grid view on desktop and stays in grid view. Thanks
  4. Nice one, thanks! it works perfectly!! Chris
  5. Hi, I want to add the EAN Code to the customer's order summary. It shows in 'content.product.php' as {$PRODUCT.ean}, but don't know how to call it up in 'content.receipt.php'? Thanks Chris
  6. Hi, Where can I find how to extend the length of the textboxes in the miscellaneous section of the products. It allows me to write into the box, over 20 characters, but it only limits to 20 characters when saving and reloading. In products.index.php I've extended the maxlength as shown below, but no change. <div><label for="gtin_code">{$LANG.catalogue.product_gtin}</label><span><input name="gtin" id="gtin" class="textbox" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.gtin}" maxlength="250"></span></div> is character length controlled elsewhere? Thanks
  7. I've sent an email with an attached waveplayer, which I'd like to insert Thanks again @bsmither
  8. I downloaded a waveplayer which is perfect, but don't know where to start when placing it in the product panel or in the admin side. Would it be a 'Browse file' or taken from the digital file tab. I can send you the player to give you a better idea of what's required?
  9. I managed to track down the json file which had the correct coordinates in. I had to change the viewport to "0 0 1200 1050" to get it to line up correctly. There was quite a size difference.
  10. I did wonder if that was a problem. I'll check iconmoon again for another one. I have no idea what the values mean, so a fair bit of googling will probably be involved.
  11. Hi, I'm having trouble with the icon-sprite (SoundCloud) to show up. I've done everything I can as far as I know. icon-sprites.svg - Add symbol, change viewport to 1792 and add the path gui.class.php - include the icon name and configuration detail settings.index.php - Add the label and text box for the URL configuration The icon is invisible and can't seem to do anything else. I've double checked the icon name to make sure I've spelled it correctly about a dozen times?
  12. @fabriceunkoI believe it was originally Semper Fi. I think they still have the hook for £15, but it's only the basic audio player.
  13. Thanks @bsmither. Good to know there was or is an extension. I'm hoping to use my own waveform player if possible though, rather than the basic html audio player like the one in HindiKaraokeShop.com. I've created a test shop and might play around with that to see if it's possible.
  14. Hi, I would like to add an audio clip for customers to audition before purchase. At the moment I'm embedding tracks from soundcloud in the description. I'm creating a wave audio player and want to use it for each product. Is there a way of doing this? The pic is where I would like it to go if possible.
  15. It works perfectly with my record label site. It's a great mod! Thanks @bsmither. This would be ideal to have in upcoming updates. Could this be considered @Al Brookbanks?
  16. Hi, I have a record label website and selling my music directly, but I want my customers to be able to choose between mp3 or wav. I've tried creating 2 identical products with different product codes, one visible (wav) and the other hidden (mp3). When I select the product and choose mp3 and do a test purchase, I get the (wav) product still? Is there a hook or an extension that can do this? The product options only seems to cater for tangeable items that require shipping. Thanks...
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