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  1. Hi,

    I'm selling digital music downloads and I need a feature that tells the customer if they've already purchased an item.

    If trying to buy a track it tells the customer in the basket something like "You've already purchased {item_name}" and/or "Are you sure you wish to continue?" like with a used once promo code

    Is this possible?

    If not, I think this would be a great feature as over time, if you have a lot of downloads, it's easy to forget what you've already purchased without trawling through your downloads list

  2. Thanks @bsmither

    I find main.stream.php is in the wrong place to be honest, with a choice of download or listen after purchase. I was hoping there was a way of utilising the page before by triggering it in the pre-purchase side, or being able to add a media player in the product content. I wanted to avoid using an iframe in the product description if that's possible?

  3. Hi,

    Is there a way of using main.stream.php in the product categories instead of after purchase.

    I'm selling audio files and synth presets, but want the customer to be able to play a demo of what's inside the pack before they purchase by clicking on, either, the product image or a 'Listen' button and then the audio player show as a dropdown.

  4. I've noticed that if I have products at £9.99 with tax included (VAT@20%) that it rounds up to £10.00 in the basket. I know it's only 1p, but it's not right.

    I've searched the forums, but no-one seems to have come up with an answer why and how it can be fixed?

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