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  1. Thanks ...went to PP. Not sure which phone number would appear on the confirmations as CC has Phone and Cell phone input boxes for the customer. Maybe they have entered a phone number in the box that CC does not show ... so the Q is which Phone Number does CC display, Phone or Cell or does it pull from PP?? . PP suggest not making a phone number mandatory as "you may find customers do not complete the transaction" so left as was for now. cheers
  2. I receive this message from your website.... The following errors were detected: There was an error sending your message, please try again. No Captcha box visible....
  3. Thanks Evelyn ... you probably won't be stocking all 66 colours? Now if the inks come in different sizes as well as colours you might be better to list the inks as separate products (colourwise) and having the size as the option? any idea why I get a verificzation error when the CONTACT US is used? No, never come across this error So, ready for Step 3? So I see you have Ink Refill- Alloys as a product Select Inventory > products > Ink refill - Alloys Choose the OPTIONS tab In the Add New Options box, select eg, red ( I expect you would have added red as a colour in step 2) then click the white + in the green circle Leave all boxes as they are Continue to add the colours available for this product Click Save, Clear Cache and log in to your store as a customer to check. If you are already logged in as a customer you would need to refresh your browser to see any changes The beauty of this option system is if you run out of a certain colour, on the products option tab, untick the status box, the item will not show in store. Stops customers buying a product you do not have cheers
  4. Evelyn You have created an Option Group called Colours Now you need to input the colours Click the Option Attributes tab You should only have Colours in the next box. (When you have entered another Option Group you will see and select it in that box) So you are now going to enter all the colours you have See Add new attribute? and underneath is Name. There is a feint box to the right and a plus sign in a green circle Enter one of your colours in the box and tick the green circle Enter your next colour etc... you will see the list growing... When all colours are entered (don't forget the plus each time) click SAve Clear cache Come back when this is done For any product using colours as a choice you will select from this Group, so you only need to do this once for each Option (in this case Colour) you may have across all your products. For example you may have a colour of ribbon or cardboard which is not one of the dye colours... enter those colours now as well! ie, enter all colours from any product you carry and we will use them later. Saves doing this step (adding colours) later on. cheers
  5. As bsmither noted .. are you sure The Romantic Garden book is under the primary category of Books? There is a Primary and Additional options tick box when selecting a products category Just wondering...
  6. Evelyn... what is the etransfer you mention? Bank Transfer?
  7. Hi Evelyn Options ...lets look at colours.. eg for your Fabric Ink... Left side admin screen under 'Inventory' choose Product Options A 3 stage process... you need to firstly create Option Groups .. this could be colour, size, weight etc... in this case, Colour so Group Name > Colour Description (Optional) Group Type > I suggest 'radio button' Required > put a tick in the box There is nearly always a little green PLUS Icon at the far far right of a line, most people miss this ... seems not at this point so Click SAVE and CLEAR CACHE Do this step and come back here....
  8. Thanks Brian .. was to use Invoice ed but as you do not recom. will be later this eve I use your line in a text ed prog thanks again Peter
  9. Almost have it... we Australians have been trying to tailor Cubecart to fit with the Australian Tax Rules when it come to invoices showing ABN, Tax Invoice, GST shown correctly as "Total including GST", showing product prices in store (including GST) and not adding it to the product price on checkout. Check the image of my Invoice format Downside 1... Cubecart insisted on showing Sales Tax as $0 on the invoice... Fix? changed line to read "Packaging" ! Happy to always show as $0 Downside 2... Sales Tax shows as $0 in Monthly Sales Reports.. not a real problem, just manually work out 1/11th is GST What would be nice is a 1 line code to add under the Grand Total Including GST line, the words "This invoice includes GST of $xx.xx" This would simply be 1/11th of the Grand Total incl GST value, being {$order.total}/11 Any suggestions?
  10. So... sounds like a bug ... with tax rules>subtotal selected, the full gst value of the full priced item is deducted from the value of any reduced value option for the product then displayed in Shopping Cart, eg take a deposit of $150 for an item valued at $1000 incl 10% GST (GST value is $90.90) it takes $90.90 from the $150 and passes this to the checkout page!! ($59.10) Thanks for the help bsmither in narrowing down the issue
  11. UPDATE UPDATE OK. so I went into Tax Rules, unchecked the SUBTOTAL BOX and now it shows the correct value, shows it with NO mention of GST (which will suit my retail customers but not my trade ones) ... Not sure this box was here before ... NO idea what it means! Anyone know?? HOWEVER, the Sales Report now show Sales Tax as $0 on sales. Not a great issue, just need to calculate 1/11 manually Thanks BSMITHER for your assistance.... as you thought, it has something to do with the Sales Tax... Now to put all my item options back!
  12. Set up options on another item https://petlins.com/store/spinning-wheels/elizabeth-spinning-wheel-2-lacquered.html The deposit of $150 shows in the cart as $4.55 yet shows on homepage and shopping cart flyover at the correct $150 in my basket
  13. AUD retail normally includes GST in the displayed price to customers and they are "unaware" of the amount included. CC does not allow us to show the invoice/checkout as such and displays TAX separately (unfortunately) as some customer think they are being charged GST on top of the item page price as in retail in Aus, customers are not "exposed" to GST. I do recall some topics asking for a review of CC for Australian markets I have, this morning removed most options from (200?) products until resolved. Many items over $150 had a deposit option or additional accessories available! Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply Upgraded from maybe 6.1.15 rings a bell The only addins are Paypal Commerce ... which has ONLY just started to show the Payin4 banners! They did not show for many days and possibly the options issue has now also just surfaced ... Could it have anything to do with this?? Shipping: by price, print order form and bank deposit Thanks Peter
  15. My options pricing is now incorrect after an upgrade to 6.4.4. One of my options is a deposit payable of $150 however when it shows in checkout it shows as $40.09 plus tax plus handling - total of only $55. Has PAypal Commerce anything to do with this? I am now needing to remove all options until I resolve this...
  16. Upgraded to 6.4.4 and now the phone number is replaced on various email order confirmations and customer contact pages with the word 'disabled'. Any ideas?
  17. Hi Thanks .. just updated from 6.15 to 6.43 an now getting the 404 message on product pages... was there a fix for this? ...Update... OK. updated the htaccess file and all seems good
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