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  1. Well there is another NEW feature - ability to use own like Print Order gateways without any code trap, see end of ini.inc.php :on2long:
  2. This is the html file of all file differences 4.2.0 <-> 4.2.1 except encoded files and non important ones. cc420_421.html
  3. You should truncate CubeCart_filemanager table using myPHPAdmin or similar tool. MYSQL QUERY: TRUNCATE TABLE CubeCart_filemanager please ensure the prefix is added if any.
  4. You can't see it because not published yet. Version on the top of page is the next one but not released yet, this is a general rule.
  5. You can also ask Will (Everythingweb) he recently reconfigured his hosting to run PHP4 and PHP5 on the same php files. It works great ;)
  6. Files content difference in HTML. Ioncobe and Zend related files not compared. cc411_cc420_diff.zip Please note html file size is 3.2MB <_<
  7. See this store please http://www.holyrudraksha.com/ PM me for further info
  8. Please submit a new ticket, development team will take care about. My fault about PHP version! LOL Sorry it was 1:15AM for me, the code causes this issue added in PHP 4.3. Too late for me changed the SQL version to PHP in my head :unsure:
  9. Well your PHP is outdated. PHP 4 >= 4.3.0 is required as stated at CubeCart homepage I am sorry the compatibility script should be updated.
  10. Well the extended image does not look so bad I agree. Best to use style="width: 100%; overflow: auto" in a div image encloses as worry how to achieve the same behavior in IE :yeahhh:
  11. You should SEARCH FOR # $saved[$def][$key] = htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($value), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8'); # $saved[$def][$key] = stripslashes($value); $saved[$def][$key] = nl2br(html_entity_decode(stripslashes($value))); You'll find it around line 41...
  12. Well please see this thread, thank you.
  13. I'm having the same problem... I don't see a ".htaccess file in the CubeCart-4.1.1 files. Where can I find the file? If I am to update my current ".htaccess" file instead, what should I update it with? Thanks! Go into your Admin Control Panel then into General Settings then scroll to the bottom where you should see the information that should go into your .htaccess file. Copy this information and save it as a new text file on your computer named .htaccess OR just edit it. Then upload that file to your web site via FTP. It needs to be in the main folder that your store is installed into.
  14. All depends to host solution please find the mySQL Databases icon/link in your web site control panel to create a blank database.
  15. Your request is to the CubeCart3 related. Please check the peat/tmp folder already exists as it seems it does not thus just create it.
  16. Daz well this is buggy because of lost POST data. Already posted to bug reports and replying to you in HELPDESK...
  17. I have installed xampp and it seems to work fine.. with both apache and mysql running. Now I have started the localhost install but get stck by the step 4 and get this message.. Wrong DB access credentials/Wrong DB name/Wrong DB host name....
  18. Just FYI the HSBC Payment Gateway for CubeCart Version 4.0 and later is available now!
  19. Well this is known issue it will me managed in the next releases. :D
  20. Pleas see this Knowledgebase article, do whats written there it will solve your issue.
  21. Are you talking about this check box in the newest version? If so we are having the same issue. I will keep you informed if we get this fixed. We think it might be on our server. Why do you post the CubeCart version 3 order details page here? This is CubeCart 4 thread, no such check box in latest CC4 version (4.1.1) Such checkbox does not exist yet thus custom text for customer once status has been changed. This old known CC3 feature comming back soon. Please see this thread (initial post is just enough), it does not matter it is CC3 based. Any CubeCart URLs mentioned there you find in CC4 PayPal IPN config area.
  22. The code just at the bottom of the page is nothing else than debug info you already enabled. The modification mentioned is to AOL users related having an issue with basket content see the link burgesnteen posted :-) Debug info disable -> CubeCart Admin >> General Settings >> Styles and Miscs >> Enable debug output?: No Yes you must have an active support plan however issue to AOL users mentioned could be fixed quick but the final code is not known yet.
  23. Hi Burgensteen, I saw in another thread that you said: "The store is working fine for me now. Milos is the man. I dont think I have ever seen a problem this guy cant solve !!" Can you tell me how? BTW - cute dog! Cheers Nancy Best to open a helpdesk ticket for. I am sorry unable to modify any store by request here, thank you.
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