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  1. If the above files on your store differ from the Original files (your current, older version of CC), then you'll need to run a comparison between each and the NEW files listed above. The other option is to copy the above, and re-mod. Download WinMerge - its free and fairly easy to use. Obviously, back-up your entire site (or if on cPanel, run a complete account backup). Winmerge will highlight changes between files, so you'll be able to clearly see what has changed. Its also intelligent enough to ignore extra/missing extra lines.
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    Cool! Glad it was something simple!
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    Need Assistance

    The SSL cert is reporting to have expired on 09 August 2009 00:59:59 As a test.. disable SSL. The Admin login will use SSL.
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    Post the URL, to get a better response. Jason
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    Need Assistance

    Also.. have you enabled SSL? this will require a correct SSL set-up on your store, and is often a problem. If so, visit the downloads section, and use the config editor to switch ssl "Off". Jason
  6. Hi, The template does have an error on viewProd.tpl You can verify this by switching to one of the standard templates (in Admin), and viewing the page. If you have made your own changes, then it would be best to explain what you're trying to do (and probably start a topic in cubecartforums.org). If you've NOT made any changes, then copy viewProd.tpl from the template file back over the one on your site. This should fix the problem - if it does not, then contact the template supplier directly and they will help. Jason
  7. I assume you have a complete backup of the original store (with database)? You will either need to select the original database, and import the contents of the original database to the next database. Jason
  8. I can't check from here (busy in office), but ensure you run the upgrade script (details are in the install guide) - so copying files across isn't enough. This should add/tweak any fields in the database. If you have a complete back-up of the store, then you should be able to run "upgrade.sql" (inside setup/db) from phpMyAdmin Please ensure you have a decent backup, as this could mess up your store, and you may need to re-install the backup.
  9. There is a support tool in the download area that will allow you to reset the SSL flag. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=d...d=9&nav=0,5 Restoring from Back-up is a bit severe, but I'm glad you fixed it in the end. Jason
  10. Does the file(s) exist? You should be able to display the image in your browser; http://www.yourdomain.com/skins/Killer/sty...ogo/default.gif If you can see an image on the above link. Post your store URL (if its publicly visible) Jason
  11. Tut- tut.. Best switch off the Internet and go back to coding everything by hand, in binary - don't forget to unplug that BIOS chip first! lol My home router (Linksys) uses BusyBox (Linux), and my DJ playback device is based on Linux.. I'd prefer projects use trusted, mature code than write everything from scratch. This quickly becomes a temporal argument, ie, you'll be dead before its finished if you insist on doing everything yourself. I'd actually prefer CubeCart to use 3rd party projects if they give a leg-up on functionality, with more time allowed for testing. I guess what's been shown by Kinetic is that minor tweaks are easily possible to CubeCart. Its a dammed good platform, and with CC4, it is possible to create a complete store without resorting to mods/code tweaks. However, with a bit of effort, it's possible to fine-tune to individual requirements- and I guess thats where most customers fit in and for the existence of cubecartforums.org
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    Cant google me?

    I've just picked a random product; http://www.4x4recovery.com/Tree-Strops-and...ing/prod_7.html Product description; 2 ton, 2 metre webbing sling. Polyester duplex webbing slings conforming to BSEN 1492-1 2000 * reinforced becket eye * wide flat load bearing surface * light & durable for awkward locations * safety factor 7:1 Make better use of bullet points. Describe the product - from the above, there is nothing to relate the product to its uses. Imagine explaining the product to someone on the phone - what is it used for, is it suitable for all trucks? Hopefully you can see what I mean.. now repeat this for all your products. I'd expect to see about 2 paragraphs of text for the above product... Once you've done this, THEN get Google Base up and running. Link to the store from your forum Signature. Get into the 4x4 forums, and if within their rules - add a signature link and get involved with the community. Jason
  13. I assume you mean on CC4 (you don't mention the version) I would suggest backing up your store before going further, you can normally do this under your hosting control panel. For the SEO code to work, you need to create the .htaccess file (a simple text file) with the contents of the file coming from the SEO area section inside "general settings". This .htaccess file should be copied to the web root of your site. If you continue to have problems, I would suggest posting in the correct area (CC4 general support) after searching the forum. Jason
  14. Christian, When using the HSBC gateway the CC website is not processing credit card data. The customer enters their details on the form (on their browser), and this information is sent directly to HSBC (HTTP POST if I'm correct?). The CC Store never gets to see the Credit Card Data, its call client side, then posted using SSL to the HSBC clearing server. So, no PCI compliance is required. I'm not sure of the other Payment Modules (protx/worldpay etc). The only one that stands out as a problem is the module that stores details on the system for offline/manual processing. If this is being used, then credit card details are being stored, and so PCI is 100% required. Jason
  15. A far better way is to edit the layout or style css file, otherwise each img tag wil need tweaking. Ankush, If the client is not HTML friendly, then they'll need help. Whoever did the original site should be able to help (its a quick fix for someone with the account details), otherwise 3rd party assistance can be found in cubecartforums.org Jason
  16. I can't comment on the page load times. It should be faster due to the way the SQL queries are cached (providing any mods also use the caching system...) Getting the same SEO URLS may be trickier. The URL format is; http://domain/categoryname/productname_xxxx.html The "xxxx" is the productID (primary key) in the inventory table on the Database. This field is autoincrement - and so you'll either need to change the field and import the products (overwriting the productID), or change the starting value to match the product ID on your CC3. Either way- its gonna need some work in PhpMyAdmin..... Best way forward; Clone your existing CC3 site into a subdomain on your hosting (ensure you have a new database for this install!) Then once, its all running ok, run a CC4 upgrade, and then compare product ID's (or SEO urls). Jason
  17. I'd be a bit suspicious of the paths in the "flashvars". flashVars = "uiAssets=uiassets_whiteNoise/&path=images/uploads/cdr_marfil_10/&configFile=whiteNosie.xm should/try flashVars = "uiAssets=uiassets_whiteNoise/&path=/images/uploads/cdr_marfil_10/&configFile=whiteNosie.xm ? The SEO code will place the page location in a virtual path (/category_name/product_name/prod_nnn.html), and so any code should ideally be starting from the root of the site or using full URL. I can see you're doing this for the flash file (.swf), but if the flashvars are required for the flash code to run, you'll need to change the path. Hope this helps, Jason
  18. Same here. Its also worth mentioning that the customer does not visually leave the store. The credit card details are sent to HSBC for clearing, and then HSBC re-directs the customer back to the the store. However, as the HSBC clearing stage does not output any HTML - the screen still shows the final page. Sorry its a bit confusing, but the actual timing is; 1. Click "submit" 2. Data sent to HSBC - page does not change 3. Payment pass/fail 4. User is sent to Payment Recieved/Payment Failed Page on your store.
  19. I'm a wedding DJ (as well as CC user/developer). 6K tracks @320Kbps MP3 will need at least 60GB. Its fairly normal to have a "low quality" snippet available too. It would also be possible to use the high-quality MP3 file, and only stream the 1st (approx) 30 seconds (based on CBR 320Kbps would be just over 1MB). As each product has a boolean variable for physical (CD) or download (MP3), CubeCart could fairly easily provide a sample buy using a flash mp3 player pointing at php code that presents the correct snippet. The code could either use a different template, or simply add the flash player if the product is a download - this is fairly simple. There is PHP code to extract ID3 tags, and with some work, it would be possible to create your downloadable products automatically (assuming the ID3 tags are fully present on the files) So, I don't think its "easy", but certainly achievable with the right developer. All the other bits would work well (ie, download authorisations etc). You will need a developer to work with you on this. This forum is really intended to discuss the core (un-modified) CubeCart products only, so you will get a better response over at cubecartforums.org There are many good developers there, and if think about how your store needs to work, you'll get a better response. As a side note - To be worthwhile, this will probably need a dedicated server. If you're selling original music (ie songs written and performed by unsigned bands), then no real problems with royalties to licening bodies (MCPS etc). If you're selling remixes, or music covered by the MCPS (or whoever manages the royaties from music sales in your country), you'll need to apply for a licence, otherwise risk being caught as a pirate. Hope this helps, Jason
  20. This isn't natively possible. You can have a different ship price per category - so if you're selling CDs in one category and Posters in another, they can have a different price. You can also set the product weight, so CD's may be 200g, and then set a base cost (ie £1.00 for packing materials). You'll then set up the weight bands, with each weight corresponding to a price (so 0-200g = £0.50, 200-500g=£1.00 etc) The alternative is a 3rd party mod, Estelle has something like this I think - but best to check cubecartforums.org The problem with a fixed price per product is that an order with multiple items could work out really expensive- when the cost to you will be much lower (and therefore put off customers). HTH, Jason
  21. As a side note- check out; http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/ SWFOBJECT This is a great project for flash users. You can also easily provide a static image if the user does not have flash installed (some mobile users). Its very easy to implement. I've used this with a flash slide-show (displaying product images+text), and if flash was not detected, then degrade to static images. Jason
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    Cubecart mailer

    You could deliberately specificy incorrect details, but your webhost may see this as a brute force attack and automatically block the site (in some form!). I'd suggest getting more information from the webhost, ie server logs, and then providing them to CC Admin. If there is a vulnerability, then I'm very sure it will be patched quickly. What should be considered, is any recent modifications that can send emails. Whilst CubeCart 3 & 4 have been security audited, I don't know of any 3rd party mods that have been.. If mods are coded within the framework of cubecart (ie, cleansing all data, validation etc) then it should be fine. I assume this is a fairly up to date version of CC3 and passwords are fairly strong? Server logs should show how the attack took place, and the script used.
  23. You'll get a much better response by asking in the correct forum Steve. Mods/tweaks are discussed over at cubecartforums.org Discussing this stuff here will confuse those looking for support on the core cubecart product only. Cheers! Jason
  24. Looks ok from here? Best to ask over at cubecartforums.org
  25. Hi Ol, A very quick check of your existing site tells me that CubeCart would be fairly easy to use as an entire replacement. At least one of the stock templates is a 3 col layout. The system uses PHP and a Database (mySQL) to store all the information for the store (products/categories/orders/customers etc) I would strongly suggest downloading a trial (this lasts for 30 days), and just getting a feel for adding products/categories etc. Ask questions in here, and once you feel happy using the basic system, then look into customising it to meet your needs. Luckily, CubeCart is fairly easy to customise the look. The layout is mainly CSS/XHTML based, and if you're happy tweaking styles etc, then I think you'll get on fine. Unfortunately, DreamWeaver will not work very well with the template system (although you could download the page from your browser, tweak and then re-work the code into each template file). There is a tutorial on the Template system in cubecartforums.org, and you'll find assistance in tweaking your template, or a designer to implement your design (if you don't have time to DIY) Templates/presentation aside, if you are happy with the system, then there are a few licencing options. I'd recommend the full licence (copyright removal+software licence), this will cost about £110+vat, but your visitors will not see any "cubecart" branding. There is an option just to use the software, but the store will have a "powered by cubecart" link in the site footer, and also the page title (as in the browser) will also have a similar message appended to your normal store title. The "suppliers" page can be created with the built-in editor The "special offers" can be a built-in feature of cubecart (Sale items), individual items can be placed on sale, and will appear in this area. I guess if you realise that CubeCart (or any cart system) will need some customisation, you will be fine. Once you're up and running, managing products will be much quicker than DreamWeaver. From what I can see of your existing store, and my knowledge of CubeCart, I know that your main work will be visual (template) customisation with very little PHP changes. I hope this is some help, Jason
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