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    Noobie Question

    Hi, Its certainly possible to make CC into a catalog only system. I'm sure there are mods for this - hunt cubecart.org The main bulk would be editing the templates to remove pricing and Add to Cart / Buy buttons. Jason
  2. Hi, I've recently been using "CMS Made Simple". This uses the same template engine as CC - **and** allows editing of templates/CSS files inside the admin area. Very nice. Compared to Mambo/Nuke etc, I immediately found it easy to use - kinda like using Zen/OSC, before using CC. My Partner is using it for her website and agrees its a doddle (I had to find something to get her away from FrontPage & HTML Table Hell) Jason
  3. Hi Calvin, I'll ignore the SEO aspect, Mysty has replied to that part of the equation. I created a test purchase on your store, and it appeared to work fine. One point to note - if your customer does not enter a correct shipping address, the UPS shipping calc displays an error (white screen, not very helpful). (I initially used "test" as the postal code) $78 dollars shipping for 2 spark plugs to the UK is a bit steep though! lol I recommend double checking your shipping prices are actually correct (I can't really tell from here) Check your server logs/stats to see how many people are getting to stage 4. Not many customers will email you if they have a problem, esp when they can get the products elsewhere. I use Google Analytics and have set-up goals based on the cart stage. I've labeled them as something meaningful, and its a great help to see where I'm losing sales. Check the colour scheme used- light green borders and light blue background with dark blue links don't look right to me. Also, your product listings are out of alignment, so the description field has a short width yet there is quite a bit of space to the right of the table. I'd personally check the logs and/or stats first - you may find something which will tell you where people are going. Jason
  4. my site Wow- nice site :-) Reading the code, I can see a whole lot of commented out HTML before you get to the product descriptions. I did read that search engines don't read the entire page, ie the only read the first few KB of HTML. If this is still the case, it could explain why you're not getting good results. Other than that, building quality links to your store, and promoting using Froogle will help. All of my initial sales came through Froogle, and its worthwhile looking into. Jason
  5. There is a mod for this, check out cubecart.org for 3rd party add-ons or google. Jason
  6. Something to bear in mind - your existing Merchant Account may not cover internet transactions. If any of your online customers complain to Visa etc (ie missing/damaged goods) and your Merchant Account does not cover internet use, you will be seen to be in breach of your Merchant Agreement. Nice site! Jason
  7. Hi - yes, there are a few 3rd party mods. A google for: category descriptions cubecart ..brings up a few free ones which should do what you want. Jason
  8. Hi, I suggest contacting the owers of the store you've mentioned. They are very helpful (from my experience), and if their existing mod is close to what you need, they should be able to help. Jason
  9. There is a free mod (in the form of instructions), or a commercial mod - both will allow import of .csv files. You should be able to export each table as a csv, and Visit cubecart.org for 3rd party mods, or google "cubecart csv import" I managed to import 1400+ products from a .csv file into cubecart. The most difficult bit was sorting out the categories, which I had to do manually (I placed all products into a single category, then manually sorted) pm me if you need help locating either mod. Jason
  10. ...there is a mod for Google Checkout. Search .org for google Jason
  11. Taken from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6549643.stm Well, thats pretty cool I wonder if UK users get AdWords perks? Something read up tomorrow.. Jason
  12. I was sharing a server with a friend, but its looking like I'll either have to get my own soon, or get a decent reseller. I hate looking for hosts Listen to any recomendations here and check the hosts out in the hosting forums- then try asking the potential host if any users are using CubeCart... Googling for cubecart hostings returns lots of results, pick a few, and then search for any recent reports. A quick check tells me you should be able to get something decent for $10 - $20, possibly with a SSL. Try to ensure they have a telephone number for support - sometimes email doesn't cut it! Jason
  13. vokf

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter here!
  14. You'll find 3rd party services at www.cubecart.org - there is a section for 3rd party services; http://www.cubecart.org/directory/index.ph...1-s&reset=1 Ask a few of the developers in there to get a feel for prices and previous conversions. Jason
  15. Other skins can be found in cubecart.org, you'll find free and commercial mods and skins there. If you need to change the logo, its normally held under: \skins\yourskinname\styleImages\ Jason
  16. vokf

    Image THUMB!

    Yep, there is a mod named "fixthumbs", you'll find this in the archive of .org or google. Jason
  17. On the Windows Server, you'll need to give Modify, Read and Write access to the file from INET_xxx_USR (xxx is the machine name) Even though CC wants the permissions set back to read-only, it will continue to work with write permissions set. From reading the CC3.1 blog, the next version will play nicer with Windows servers. Jason
  18. Did you export the invertory table to a .csv first? Remember to include field headers. Once you have the current invertory table open in your spreadsheet, use "paste special" to copy your new product data into the uploaded sheet. Save the new sheet as .csv and import using phpMyAdmin. If it imports ok, then follow Sir Williams instructions. I use OpenOffice as my Spreadsheet, but I think Excel should also work. Jason
  19. Yep, try looking on cubecart.org Most mod authors have their own mod stores - try google. Jason
  20. Yep - there is a mod to do .csv import. You should find this on www.cubecart.org I recommend eleborating on the above and asking the author if his mod is suitable. Jason
  21. The cubecart copyright message is missing from the footer of the page ;-) Interesting effect thou - are you using GD? Jason
  22. I can't see any Active-X references in the page code (in IE6/7 and FF) - it could still be in some of the external Javascript files, but I doubt it. Active-X has its uses in Intranet sites, and for times when you need access to the clients file system (ie online virus scanning). Signed Java Applets can also do roughly the same thing though. Have you scanned your PC for nasties recently? Switch to a browser that doesn't support Active-X, or lock down IE so it doesn't use them. Jason
  23. Windows has a different security set-up than Linux, and so the 0664 type system doesn't work. If you have a control panel on your hosting, you need to write-enable the directory- otherwise, ask your host to make it writeable. Once the config file has been created, you should be done. You'll need to remove/rename the install directory. Then, edit the config file, and ensure the "installed" tag=1 <?php $glob['dbdatabase'] = 'yourDB_name_ccrt1' ; $glob['dbhost' ] = 'localhost' ; $glob['dbusername'] = 'DB_Username_ccrt1' ; $glob['dbpassword'] = 'DB_Password' ; $glob['dbprefix' ] = '' ; $glob['installed' ] = '1' ; $glob['rootDir' ] = 'Not sure - depends on set-up' ; $glob['rootRel' ] = '/'; $glob['storeURL' ] = 'http://www.yourdomain.com'; ?> This is my config file - obviously changed. If the database is set-up and you know the username/password etc, you could insert those, and your host should be able to tell you the location of your site on their server. I run on a Linux server, if you need to know your root Jason
  24. vokf

    No more e-mails

    They may have tighened up on the SMTP security - have you tried using your account username and password in the CC Admin for SMTP? If you're not having any problems (other than cc emails), its probably worth staying with your host, providing you can get it working. I don't think you'll find a host that is willing to upgrade CC as part of their hosting package. A blind upgrade will usually break any mods/skins, and so its either a case of re-installing CC, then re-applying any mods/skins, or checking file changes between the new CC and your current store. Your best bet is to DIY or pay a developer on cc.org to upgrade for you. If you keep a record of any mods, it shouldn't take long to re-install, then re-apply any mods. Jason
  25. -This could be a session problem, are you using http://www.domain/admin or http://domain/admin (note the missing www) -Did CC install correctly (did you do a manual install, or via Fantastico). -Following an install, the store will have a single product, and you should be able to view store, and browse the single product. There should be no errors. You really need to post the url of your store, or list any error messages you get. Jason
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