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  1. Joe - I've PMed earlier today asking for the API specification, this will be needed. If its a popular service then a commercial mod could be created (rather than a bespoke 1-off bit of work for your client) However, this forum is not the place to request 3rd party assistance - please ask over at CubeCartForums.org
  2. Hi Mike, This must be generated by their index.tpl or the boxes. I must admit - I've not actually checked if it IS an additional </div> causing the problem. I can see the "Join Now" button is not aligned very well, and that you're using CSS3 radius styles on the buttons (nice btw). Viewing the page on IE8, and the buttons are square (no CSS3 support) and the problem goes away. I'm unable to test IE9 (running Linux here, with Virtualbox+XP for any Windows Apps) So if you DO have an additional </div> check the box code, and either add HTML comments to diagnose where its being added, or do the same on index.tpl As it looks like you're developing the skin, and I don't really feel this is a core CubeCart issue (ie the built-in templates do not have this problem), you should continue the discussion over at cubecartforums.org Regards, Jason
  3. This will need coding, CubeCart will not do this "out of the box". Best visit cubecartforums.org and ask for a developer. Jason
  4. Please fix your URL - I think you copied+pasted from your original post and the complete URL did not follow. Jason
  5. Hi, yes there is a "print order form" option built-in. Your clients customers will be able to send in a cheque/po/bank tx for your client to process. He will also get emails alerting him of the order. Unfortunately, you really need to look at what he's selling. If there is plenty of online competition, then he will really need some kind of online payment. Other working and free options are; PayPal Google Checkout Mals ECommerce Google Checkout will need a SSL certificate (not much outlay, if they are running a real business) Hope this helps, Jason
  6. Hi Graham, I suspect the missing image may be the problem; http://www.starofficesystems.co.uk/skins/Sos/styleImages/progress.gif vs http://store.starofficesystems.co.uk/skins/Classic/styleImages/progress.gif The template uses an "onload()" to fire the form submission to PayPal. If you click the "Pay Now" button, you'll find it works. Simple fix, copy the progress.gif file from the Classic (or other) skin folder to your Sos skin folder. Should then work fine. Jason
  7. Hi Graham, I ran a test order and this appears to be a template issue. Have you tried it with one of the standard templates (assuming there are no major tweaks to the PHP code)?
  8. Thanks for posting the details Bits4Vits. This would be a fairly hefty bit of work to get this information as the details are joined on 2 database tables. For anything other than a 1-off report, this would be better served as a PHP mod. Earlier today, the OP has asked over at cubecartforums.org for a solution and I think this is now in hand. If anyone does feel brave enough to dive into phpMyAdmin- they really, really need to run a store back-up first (a database backup should be ok). phpMyAdmin is a powerful tool, but can destroy a site if used by someone unfamiliar with its use. Jason
  9. vokf

    Image management

    Hi Ian, Biker here too :-) CubeCart will resize product images you've uploaded automatically, the actual sizes are determined by the values in "General Settings". The system will constrain either axis to the size specified and retain aspect ratio. This may be ok, but if some images are tall/long, they may actually be shrunk a bit too much. The workflow I normally use is; 1. Create new product (System will bring up a long-ish form) 2. Enter details, and then ADD IMAGE 3. Upload all images for that product 4. Once uploaded, then pick one as the Primary Image (ie the main one used when browsing the store) 5. Finish adding product details (weight/stock etc), click UPDATE 6. Locate the product (in admin, but do not edit!) click "Manage Images" link, then you'll see a list of images that you can "ADD" to the current product. This will give you a pop-up/lightbox view of the images associated with a particular product. Category images are not resized. I would recommend using irfanview (google it) to resize images (there is also a handy web export plugin to optimise filesize). Alternatively, I strongly recommend using the free "HTML Category Descriptions mod" - this will allow you to add a header to each category page using the FCK editor (so you can use images/flash/text etc) If you have many products (or many product images), you will need to stick to a good naming policy (so DSC2323.jpg won't help you!). There is an "advanced image manager" mod (also free!), this allows you to place images into folders, and is a great little extra. All these mods can be found over at http://www.cubecartforums.org I hope this helps, Jason
  10. Yes. I assume to want a single web page will all orders listed for the current day? This will require code modifications, please ask over at cubecartforums.org Jason
  11. Hi Al, This is fairly simple to set-up. Not coding required. It WILL need an SSL certificate. I would not recommend a shared SSL for a live commercial store I recommend it, and have a few clients using it Good luck :-) Jason
  12. To be honest, the import will really depend on how you're getting the product listings. Please explain your business. Not much point in paying for a dynamic xml importer on an hourly cron job, if the products very rarely change and the built-in CC4 importer may be ok. 3rd party mods should be discussed over at cubecartforums.org Jason
  13. No worries, its just forum etiquette. Bump the thread after a few days if you get no replies, but not after a few hours unless you're actually paying for support. Anyway, I hope my post pointed you in the right direction. Jason
  14. Hi Gary, on a basic level, CC4 will allow you to upload a CSV file. This is fairly basic, and if the invetory is low moving may be ok. There are 3rd party mods that provide better features, either CSV or XML. Alternativle, if the feed is fairly regulary updated (ie from your supplier) then you may need to hire a coder. One problem is that you don't want to delete all your products and start again with each import. This will create new URLs, messing up the site index on all search engines. So, if you're using a drop-shipping company for fulfilment, then ideally you need a stock-refresh tool, and a product import tool. The stock-refresh tool will simply overwrite stock levels, the product import tool will add new products. You may also want some way to remove old products that are no longer on the stock list. If you actually hold stock, then things can get a bit easier, and this will vary depending on how you manage stock levels currently. In this case, a single bulk import (using existing csv import, or 3rd party mod) should be ok as I would assume you'll be very aware of new product lines and can add them manually. The other things to consider are images and categories. The CC4 CSV import won't handle images (so you'll still need to manage that yourself), and automatically assigning to a category can be tricky. I would suggest chatting over at cubecartforums.org - there are lots of options, and depending on what you need (and are willing to spend), a fully automated approach is possible, or perhaps one of the "off the shelf" existing mods or features within CC4. Jason
  15. Posted Today, 02:58 PM Posted Today, 05:56 PM 3hrs? Patience is a virtue. This is a peer-to-peer forum, so any support is from other users. Looks fine on my small netbook here, but I can see that this will be a problem on higher resolution screens. You could expand the template to be a bit wider, but still fit to 1024px wide screens without horizontal scrollbars. If you consider the BBC website (www.bbc.co.uk) one of the worlds most popular websites. This has a fixed width that is essentially 974px wide. It is possible to have a variable width display - I personally don't like these too much as they make alignment difficult. If you decide to target displays over 1024px only, you'll effectivly lose those users - they won't use your site. What ever you decide, you will need to edit the template CSS files; http://repairthatwatch.com/skins/Classic/styleSheets/layout.css #pageSurround { width: 748px; and .colMid { position: relative; width: 403px; float: left; } So, if you add 100px to the pageSurround width, you can add 100px to the colMid width. Back-up your store before making any changes. Jason
  16. How many products you looking to add? I've personally run a CC3 site with 4000+ products. I've assisted with stores with 10,000 products, and also 10 products :-) The problem is really down to stock control, and managing this number of products at your end. If you're drop-shipping, then ensuring you're not advertising products that are out of stock from your supplier is also a common problems - which will apply to any store system. edit: just read 8000 should be fine, but really depends on how you'll be adding them. Again, this is similar with other carts, you'll either need to automate the entry or spend a month or so adding the products by hand. Jason
  17. Also ask him to check if this happens on the front-end? ie view a product, wait and then click to view another product. Jason
  18. Can you please provide the URL of your CubeCart 3 Store?
  19. vokf

    Email form

    There are free and commerical mods to do this over at cubecartforums.org Regards, Jason
  20. There is no easy (ie, in admin) way to do this. There used to be a mod to turn the site into a cataloug site (ie, remove "Buy" buttons etc) This will be over at cubecartforums.org Other ways would be to remove the category, search and session boxes from the template file before you go "live" with the initial site. This would simply leave the homepage and sitedocs. You'll need to do this yourself (or find someone to do it for you) - either way, its best to discuss what you need over at cubecartforums.org Jason
  21. You can obviously add a fixed URL; <a href="url"><img src...... /></a> Howevever, I assume you want a different url per image. This really needs something a bit more complex, either to read a text file for the image url and target url, or a database. This mod really won't be a 3-liner, and its best to take this over to cubecartforums.org to discuss. Jason
  22. Hi, if you google SEO Cubecart You'll see the standard mod that many CC3 users will be using. However- their website is down, I'm not sure if its permanent, or simply a glitch. There is also a 2nd one which looks good. Due to forum rules, we do not link to 3rd party websites. This is only a minor tweak to the urls - more worryingly, I can see that your product descriptions are common throughout the web; http://www.google.co.uk/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=Easily+digested,+alkaline+and+great-tasting,+Vega+is+clean+and+green,+containing+no+animal+products,+corn,+dairy,+egg,+fillers,+gluten,+soy,+sugar,+wheat+or+yeast.+Absolutely+no+artificial+colors,+flavors,+preservatives+or+sweeteners+and+GMO+and+pesticide-free.#sclient=psy&hl=en&safe=off&source=hp&q=%22Easily+digested%2C+alkaline+and+great-tasting%2C+Vega+is+clean+and+green%2C+containing+no+animal+products%2C+corn%2C+dairy%2C+egg%2C+fillers%2C+gluten%2C+soy%2C+sugar%2C+wheat+or+yeast.+Absolutely+no+artificial+colors%2C+flavors%2C+preservatives+or+sweeteners+and+GMO+and+pesticide-free.%22&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=d2cd4c9c2aff9b1d This will really not help- you should have original content. I realise this is hard, but if all your products have copied descriptions from the supplier - your site will have no unique content - just like all the other 1000's of stores. I know of a few stores that don't use the SEO mod, but do well. Its good - but unique content is far better. Jason
  23. vokf

    MySQL 1064 Error

    This shouldn't be a problem if in admin product, all the inventory queries use mySQLSafe to clean the variable (product title in this case) - do you have 3rd party mods installed or a very old version of CC4? Jason
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