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  1. Have you upgraded recently, if so did you run the database update or just make changes to the files?
  2. As the problem is with a skin that is supplied by a third party then it would be best to contact them rather than ask here.
  3. Try Rebuild category product count. in Admin Rebuild and recount
  4. I would rather see products than latest news on the front page. The text is all different sizes and does not look like the same font.
  5. But the link within admin panel takes you to the topic. "2. Please upgrade to CubeCart 4.3.1-pl1 which is a patch level release of CubeCart 4.3.1 containing this code patch" Thats pretty clear I believe :blush:
  6. It shows in my admin interface, the only way to receive email notification is to subscribe to the News and Updates forum, also subscribe to the newsletter here. http://www.cubecart.com/
  7. Its saying that a file is not present. Check to see if the following file is actually on your server. admin/sources/maintenance/rebuild.inc.php
  8. If you edited it I would just upload the new file instead.
  9. The error is saying that the \extra\ folder is not writable so I would check first with your host or if possible through you CP
  10. Its working fine for me, I have no problem viewing basket, loging in and out from any page. Unless you actually have customers emailing you with the problem its likely the issue is with your browser, unless you fixed it already.
  11. Ausy

    Order details

    If it helps there is a mod to include the order details on the payment received emails. Google 'Essential Admin Utility Pack' You are correct Kinetic, it should be standard in the cart.
  12. Yes it works on the same principles.
  13. Ok but your setting looks incorrect in the global.inc.php, it should be like so $glob['rootRel'] = '/'; $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://fightgear.com.au';
  14. Can you post the settings you have in the includes/global.inc.php file. Remove usename and password and licence key
  15. if you want to edit homepage the data is stored in 'CubeCart_lang' Table
  16. Try clearing your browser cache.
  17. Perhaps you need to talk to your host, they may be able to help.
  18. Can you give us a link to your store so we can try it.
  19. Everything looks ok, I supose there is no harm in trying the install again.
  20. Have the files in the admin folder all uploaded correctly? Are the paths correct in global.inc.php? Can you post the setting without username and password.
  21. Please see this post regarding upgrade to skins from version 4.2.2 http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=35225
  22. Ausy

    Extra pages?

    Google Extra Site Documents UNLIMITED CC4
  23. This is a customer to customer support forum so members of CC staff are not always around here. I cant help with your issue but my advice would be to get compatible hosting.
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