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Found 4 results

  1. Howdy folks... was trying to find an option for this in the store, but after about 6 months with 5x, we still have only couple of customer issued. I solved the annoying ship-to requirement bug today, but still have one thing ... we NEED to have all customer REQUIRED to register, not option for guest account. Preumably I could hack the main template to make the checkbox a hidden checked element, and then they put in their password at checkout to enable the account. But, we'd like to make that a permanent fix ... no checkbox to "if you wish to create account" ... meaning, they MUST put in password to checkout and the account is created. Ran into the issue where sometimes with "guest" checkout the "print invoice" option link we added on final page would not work, so for other reasons as well we need to ALWAYS have the customer registered ... no floaty ghosts in the customer list :-) Is there a setting for this I have missed (I'm on 5.15 as of today). THANKS FOLKS! (Note: I tried searching forum for this, but after 2 searches with no result, "flood control" came on and said.. no more for you bunkie...) doh.
  2. Hey party people.... any tip on adding the company name on the customer registration page? Couple of people have started putting in their company name in the first name/last name boxes as it's not clear where they put in the company name, since missing on the registration page ... Now that we're asking folks to register FIRST, it seems like it would be a good idea. Presumably I could copy the company field from the checkout page to the registration page, but anybody elsedone this? Doing forum search on topic comes up with nothing, hence the post. Thanks, folks!
  3. Registrations are not generating emails to the user or admin after upgrading from 4.3.7 to 5.1.4. "Recover Password" is the only User related "Email Template" I can see. Users and admins do receive emails when orders are placed. How can I send the user a "Welcome" email with all pertinent information and send admins a notice letting them know of a new customer?
  4. Hi, Couldn't find this subject before so a new post. Dunno if this is a bug or not but if it is than it's big: When a new visitor buys something then he/she has to register before they can move on in the checkout. When entering all the data but NOT accepting the Terms & Conditions and click Next an error report shows up that you have to accept the terms. But when you click on the Next button again you will be directed right into the payment gataway. No Terms & Conditions were accepted but I could buy what I want. I tried this several times and I could reproduce this error. My question is if other users can reproduce this error too. Working on CC5 latest version. Order of reproducing: - buy something as a new and not registered human - fill out all the register data, but NOT accepting the Terms and click Next - You will be directed to the next checkout field with a warning on top that you have to accept the Terms - Ignore this message and just click Next - And you come into the last checkout page; the payment section where you can do the payment Regards, Boudi
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