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Found 5 results

  1. I need to set a number of products price to "POA" in v5 store, can anyone assist with this?
  2. I need to export about 20 orders from a v3 site to a v5 site. How can I do that? I have tried to export cc_CubeCart_order_sum from phpmyadmin and rename it everywhere to cc_CubeCart_order_summary and import it to the new site, but that don't work. If it's possible to do this either in the store admin or in phpmyadmin it would be great.
  3. Hi community, I'm looking for someone who can help me to customize the way my costumers pay for their products. I don't want cubecart to ask my customers to pay, I want that when they hit the checkout button I receive an email with the info of what they have bought and also their personal info. After that I will personally send them an email with my info including the bank account number in which they have to transfer the money. Is that possible?
  4. I have problem since upgrade to V5 paid version from V4 I have a lot of orders from years back, after I click the download reset the download link not showing up in the customer area . Also when I create a new order manually , the order show up but not download link . Only new orders after update to v5 show up with download links but only when made by customers I can't reset anything what was purchased on v4 , I mean I can but without any changes and my customers are mad about , it is really urgent I tried to cancel some of the order and complete them manually , still everything works beside the download link Thanks for the support Cath
  5. The last CubeCart I used was v.3 and this looks very different. I can't find any instructions! If they're not in the download, shouldn't there be a bookmark on this site? Please point me at it! <looks desperate>
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