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I was pondering about postage options yesterday, and had an idea. With there being so many different methods of working out postage for a huge variety of items and locations, im sure you all agree it can get very confusing, and the developer is probably banging his head on the desk with the coffee pot overflowing :w00t::P

The thought i had, was about a utility, that would allow us (the end user) to create our own postal rules. I presume it wouldnt be too difficult to put together a utility that created IF and WHERE statements to be checked in postal options.

For example, if you had items that were over a certain weight, create a rule that says,

If item(s) weight is over VALUE then ADD £2 to postage.

IF if number of items in basket is equal to, or more than X then charge £1000 Or if its less than X charge 10p, etc

Its just a rough thought, probably tried to explain it completly wrong too, but worth a shot :w00t: I think a utility like this would add a lot of flexability to CC and help create the systems exactly how some of us may want them ;)

Any thoughts?

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