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CubeCart v4.0.0 Beta Testers Required

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We would like to take the opportunity to formally announce that CubeCart v4.0.0 Beta will be available for testing shortly.

This will not be a production worthy release and we need volunteers to help us test it. Unfortunately we cannot release this version to everyone.

If you are keen to be involved, please feel free to take the time to register your interest by following the link below:


Please note that we will not accept every application, and we hope to have a release available to the successful applicants within approximately a month from the time of writing.

During this testing phase we will be very grateful to receive any bug reports via a new tracking tool to be announced shortly.

Development Status

We are currently finishing the upgrade script and tidying up some of the core code. We will perform some intensive in house testing prior to releasing this Beta release. During the Beta stage any security holes and bugs will be fixed and some extra modules may become available.

What happened to v3.1.0?

Much of the core code has been completely rewritten justifying a major version release. Complimenting this will be a great deal of new functionality and improvements.

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their fantastic continual support. :dizzy:

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