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CubeCart 4.0.0 Release Information & Features

Al Brookbanks

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I am pleased to announce that CubeCart v4.0.0 will finally be available on Tuesday 11th September.

A full feature list with CubeCart v3 comparison can be found here:


Pricing Information:

Software License Key: $129.95 USD

Copyright Removal Key: $89.95 USD

Software License Key + 1 Copyright Removal Key: $179.95 USD Saving $39.95

Is there a trial?

Yes. We will offer a 14 day full version trial with source code evaluation.

Important Notes

  • If you currently own a copyright removal key it will work with CubeCart v4 whether it has been used before or not without the need to request a reset.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from any version of CubeCart 3.0.0 - 3.0.17+
  • CubeCart v4 has two encoded files in Zend & Ioncube format.
  • The software license makes you eligible to all future releases of version four and it will never expire.

I think that's it. Please post any questions to the CubeCart v4 Beta forums or to our sales staff and we will do our best to answer them. We may update this forum post from time to time with extra information so please be sure to come back regularly. :)

Many thanks to you all for your patience and support. We would especially like to thank our beta testers for their fantastic efforts in helping v4 reach final state.

Note: The software license agreement for version 3 has been updated to have a clearer distinction between the software license and copyright removal key.

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