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Cubecart 4.0.1 Released

Al Brookbanks

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A couple of issues have been reported in CubeCart 4.0.0 which we have resolved quickly and throughly. As a result we have released CubeCart 4.0.1 which addresses these issues.

Upgrade is very straightforward.

1. Download CubeCart-4.0.1 from your customer control panel.

2. Extract the files to your local computer

3. Copy these files over your existing files on the remote or local server.

4. Visit the setup folder in your browser e.g. http://www.example.com/store/setup/

5. Click the upgrade link.

6. Once complete delete the setup folder and upgrade is complete.

Below is a changelog of bugs fixed. We have also improved the software key code to work with either cURL (proxy included) or fsockopen to improve compatibility on certain servers.

CubeCart 4 - 4.0.1


- 0000352: [Admin Control Panel] Cannot update home (martin)

- 0000368: [Payment Gateways] Protx - Module path doesn't exist! (al)

- 0000365: [Licence Issues] License Key Generation requires fsockopen (martin)

- 0000367: [skins] "Price:" Hardcoded in caretta-soft skin (al)

- 0000351: [interface] Skip Registration Bug (al)

- 0000364: [Payment Gateways] Module Path Doesn't Exist (martin)

- 0000353: [Checkout] There is no county of Greater London (al)

- 0000362: [Catalogue] Account > Newsletter page Bug (al)

- 0000350: [Admin Control Panel] Redundant Order Notifications (al)

- 0000361: [shipping Modules] Canada Post Module Status not Written (martin)

- 0000355: [Checkout] Old Nochex Showing (martin)

- 0000354: [Payment Gateways] Missing slashes (martin)

- 0000349: [Admin Control Panel] Warning: getLang(/../language//common.inc.php) [function.getLang]: failed to open stream.. (martin)

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