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CubeCart.com is alive!!

Al Brookbanks

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Dearest CubeCartians,

I thought I would write this to let everybody know why things have slowed around here.

Basically CubeCart is run be me "Brooky" :( and some fantastic helpers. I have (with out choice) started a full time job as wel as maintaining this site.

My full time job is web design/development in the music industry as this is new CubeCart has taken a back seat whilst things settle. As a result I apologize in advance for slow email response and support in these forums.

In fact I went to the launch party of Mankato last night http://www.mankato.co.uk which the company I work for produced. Its an exciting lifestyle...

Please do not feel development has stopped or that CubeCart will fade away as this will certainly never happen.

The license sales keep this site running and really cover expenses such as hosting @ $500 a year as well as the occasional... well... often indulgence in sex, drugs and booze in and around London, UK!! :(

Thanks for hearing me out and I look forward to supporting you all along with the wonderful helpers such as AngP and co that make this all worth while. ;)

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