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GoogleBase new Attributes export.inc needs an update


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I recently came across a problem with my text file submitted to GoogleBase, although the products were showing in base they did not link back to my website, instead they linked to a base google url

The exported cubecart txt file in v4.3.2 is using extinct attributes. I've not been able to find any information on the forums re updating the affected attributes on the forums. The extinct attributes are product_url name and image_url

Open admin > sources > products > export.inc.php and find the following line around line 40

	if ($results == true) {

		$googleBaseContent = "id\tproduct_url\tname\tdescription\timage_url\tprice\tcurrency\tcondition\r\n";

replace with:

	if ($results == true) {

		$googleBaseContent = "id\tlink\ttitle\tdescription\timage_link\tprice\tcurrency\tcondition\r\n";

This quick change seems to solve the problem as my products are now all correctly showing on GoogleBase with links directly to the product on our website.

(This info also published on cubecartforums.org forums)

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