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Can't Upload Product Images


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Hi, I'm running CubeCart v 3.0.10. I discovered I can't upload product images under File Manager > Upload Images or when adding/editing products. The error message I get is Error: already exists please rename the file you are attempting to upload or browse for this file instead.

But there isn't an image of the same name. This happens no matter what image I try to upload. I can upload images through the WYSIWYG editor with no problem.

Any help is appreciated!

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The error message should read:

Error: %s already exists please rename the file you are attempting to upload or browse for this file instead.

The %s is a placeholder for the filename that is slightly edited: "My Cute Cat.jpg" becomes "My_Cute_Cat.jpg"

Now, the fact that there is NO filename where the filename should be tells me that the filename is NOT being passed to the Upload script from whatever other script is being used to find the image. In such a case, the function that is failing is testing for the presence of JUST the directory, which, of course, does exist.

Have you modified the FCKEditor in any way?

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OK, looking at the code closer, I see that the programmers just *named* the form elements of the file uploader a name that made me think it was a function of the FCKEditor. But it actually isn't. My bad.

May I ask what browser/version you are using? I see no reason why the form would not properly return the name of the file you've selected.

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In your Admin section, click on Server Info. There is going to be a line that specifies a directory for: upload_tmp_dir. (It will be in the PHP Core section.) What is that directory?

I have no additional advice without being able to suggest some programming tricks to dump some diagnostics when the upload script is run. You would need be able to edit these files and put the modified files back on your store site. You would also need to install HTTP Live Headers and report what it says when using Firefox (doesn't work with IE).

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I'm thinking it might be a server setting. The reason is after I clicked that server info tab, there's nothing there besides this:

The information below shows your current server environment settings. This contains all kinds of information which may need to be changed if you are experiencing problems with CubeCart. N.B. If you have a shared server or virtual hosting it is likely that you will have limited access to modify settings. The ini_set() function can often be used to override these settings.

... and I have virtual hosting. Thanks for your help!

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