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removing latest products


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I'm a little lost here, I've turned off all products to show on the main page, I've gone into "admin//current settings" and selected to Not show products on the main page.. the product doesn't show but the logo does..

How and where can I find to hide/turn off the "Latest Products" Logo??


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Assuming this skin follows (mostly) the framework of the stock skins, in the file /skins/rsi/styleTemplates/content/index.tpl, (hopefully) at around line 5, you should see something like this:



<!-- BEGIN: latest_prods -->

	<div class="boxContent">

	<span class="txtContentTitle">{LANG_LATEST_PRODUCTS}</span>

If you see something like 
<img src="/./skins/rsi/styleImages/latest_products.jpg" alt="RSI Growers Latest Products" width="391" height="45" />

make sure it is below the <!-- BEGIN: line.

If there is none of this that you can see, copy this and send it to the skin designer.

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