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error message when choosing PayPal Express Checkout


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Hey everyone, Hi

getting this error message when trying out purchasing goods through my store

'Call to undefined method SOAP_Fault::getAck() in /home/peaceful/public_html/shop/modules/gateway/ExpressCheckout/transfer.inc.php on line 104'

Any help much appreciated!


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Welcome irori! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Please read these conversations:

If this is truly the problem, then go here:


and download the PayPal API SOAP SDK for PHP. Inside the archive you will find in /php-sdk/lib/PayPal/cert/ three files.

Now, in your store, go to /pear/PayPal/cert/ folder. Replace the three files here with the three files from the archive.

There is no guarantee that this is the fix. However, reports show a positive outcome.

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Hello bsmither

Thank you for your help,

I followed your instructions as per last post, I changed all the certificates with new ones from Paypal as instructed and triple checked but no luck - i am still getting the same error message :(

evelee did you try it?


I just had a thought,

In paypal Under PHP I chose the linux download - would the windows 2000 or solaris be different?

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