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CubeCart 4.4.6 Released

Al Brookbanks

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We are pleased to announce the release of CubeCart 4.4.6 which can be downloaded from the dashboard section of the customer area.

What's new?

- Added Zend Guard Loader (Runtime for PHP 5.3)

Do I need to upgrade?

CubeCart 4.4.5 and older only have support for Ioncube and Zend Optimizer. With the release of PHP 5.3 Zend released a new product called Zend Guard Loader (for PHP 5.3) as well as Zend Optimizer (for PHP <= 5.2). There is no need to upgrade unless your server is upgraded to PHP 5.3 and it uses Zend Optimizer and not ioncube?

... confused!?

If in doubt upload the following files from CubeCart 4.4.6 to ensure compatibility now and if your server PHP version is to be upgraded in the future.

  • admin.php
  • admin_php5.2_enc_zend.php
  • admin_php5.3_enc_zend.php
  • index.php
  • index_php5.2_enc_zend.php
  • index_php5.3_enc_zend.php

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