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CubeCart 5.0.8 & Free CubeCart Lite Released

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We are really very pleased to announce the arrival of CubeCart 5.0.8 and the instant availability of "CubeCart Lite" both of which can be downloaded from the address below. The existing commercial version of CubeCart will herein be referred to as "CubeCart Pro".


CubeCart Lite is a free to use version of CubeCart but with a number of restrictions. For further information please see our new features page:


So why CubeCart Lite?

CubeCart Lite has been released to make it easier for people to setup online stores with no initial financial commitment or restrictive demo time limit. As business booms and sales start rolling in we hope the benefits of CubeCart Pro will prove attractive and affordable. This bringing us closely inline with our company mission statement:

“At Devellion Limited we strive to help individuals and businesses realise their full potential through our flexible, robust and affordable eCommerce solutions.”

What's New?

  • A Software License Key is required for CubeCart Pro. CubeCart Lite operates if no valid key is entered.
  • A number of security hardening measures thanks to our friends at YGN Ethical Hacker Group.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Upgrade is strongly recommended.

File Comparison Report

CubeCart 5.0.7 - 5.0.8 File Difference Report.html.zip

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